auDA release 2018 in Review

At 30 June 2018, there were 3,153,979 names registered in the .au namespace. This represented approximately 2% annual growth, which is in line with the growth rates of other ccTLDs.

Our challenge over the next few years is to improve the utility of the .au ccTLD which is facing significant competition from other TLDs and the social media and ecommerce platforms which have transformed the way we live, communicate and conduct online business.

The changes we’ve undertaken in 2018 mean we’re well placed to focus on improving the operational stability and utility of .au in 2019.

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Let’s Expose Disgusting Domain Name Thieves and Bias auDRP Panelists!

The current state of corporate domain name thievery is absolutely out of control.

We are starting this new section off, here on Domainer, under the easy to find and easy to reference menu header entitled DOMAIN THIEVES.

From this point forward, we are going to document, explain and name and shame corporate domain thieves and their legal representation.

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TPP Wholesale is DEAD

And if not dead, then surely on its last few breaths.

This is due to their poor quality service, the one to two-week response times to get any serious problems resolved, the three weeks it takes them to realise they lost a domain name, and the sheer number of premium and customer domain names that they are incompetently losing on a seemingly week-after-week basis.

But even worse than that.

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