One of the highest value Australian domain sales

I’ve been waiting 5 years to tell this story in full. It was all a bit hush / hush at the time.

In October 2016 I was engaged by a client to sell the domain name The domain registrant was a company comprising 5 separate shareholders – one of whom was my client.

As you would expect, I had a lot of interest for such an absolutely premium domain name. And with a final twist in the tail, the domain was effectively sold. Read the full article …

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.au Direct Registrations – Snippet 1

Welcome to the first of many “snippets” about the impending introduction by auDA (the Australian domain name regulator) of .au direct registrations in March 2022.

Many people I have spoken to believe them to be no more than an income generating exercise for the supply side of our domain ecosystem e.g. auDA itself; then Afilias (the registry); then all of auDA’s registrars.

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3-Letter Domains Have Been My Best Investments

At the beginning of my domaining career – last decade – I stumbled upon the joys and benefits of 3-Letter (LLL) domains.

No single niche of domain names have shown me the ROI (return on investment) that these do.

People often ask me which letters I buy – or which letter combo is better? I try and answer these questions in this article.

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Two Domain Sales Happening!

Earlier this year – before even thinking of the possibility of a reacquiring Domainer – I ran an email newsletter called “Virtual Property”. This sent out a list of around 10 domains three times a week.

Prices were very generous too! I sold a lot of domain names – but more importantly, buyers picked up some absolute bargains.

So I’m doing it again – just twice. Click to read details.

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Government Review of auDA’s Terms of Endorsement

The updated .au Domain Administration (auDA) Terms of Endorsement were today released by The Hon Paul Fletcher (Minister of Communications etc).

Cutting a long story short, nothing has really changed. Just pats on the backs for the tremendous job auDA has supposedly done. But for those desirous of the nitty gritty detail, Domainer has supplied relevant links.

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Domainer Show – Episode 36 – auDRP and Market Update

Rob and Ed return for a much missed Domainer Show!

They discuss the and auDRP Complaint verdicts. They highlight how the Complainant (Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd) actually made the original complaint against a long standing registrant and got the domain name deleted by auDA! They also talk about how best to defend yourself against auDRPs under the new licensing rules.

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Some Registrars Allow Non-Compliant Registrations

To be eligible to register an in Australia, the simple premise is that you must be a not-for-profit organisation.

However, there are some registrars out there that simply don’t have the checks in place. Anyone can register an without evidence of being a non-profit. Generally these registrars are overseas based – and amongst the biggest! Read full article …

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Coming Soon On Domainer

In no particular order, this is what’s coming up soon on Domainer.

The Domainer Show returns with a special episode about defending the recent auDRP on

And quite a few “tips and tricks” that I have learnt about buying, selling and managing domain names in Australia.

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