3 letter perfection!

OTC Homepage


It is a genuine thrill to me when businesses realise the value and potential of 3 letter domain names. Particularly also when they then make the important decision to invest in their business for the future.

As did Cally Wilson of Online Tax Centres. Cally acquired the domain OTC.com.au from me a few months ago, and has started the process of getting a website up and running. I’m looking forward to seeing the “end product” evolve over the next month or two.

It was a substantial investment for her, however she understood the benefits of “branding” for the future. Also, after the initial investment, all it’s going to cost her thereafter is about $25 every two years to keep the domain name renewed. That’s a “no brainer” business decision!

I wish Cally and her team great success. 🙂

Lethal Weapons

I’ve been singing the praises of 3 letter acronym domains for a long time now.

To me, they are “lethal weapons” if used correctly!

  • A 3 letter domain name is so easy to remember.
  • Short and easy to type – no confusion or hesitation for your clients (or potential clients!).
  • Particularly significant for mobile internet search.
  • They become your brand – your identifier. Stands you apart from your competition.
  • They are unique – e.g. there will only ever be one OTC.com.au
  • Currently they are relatively inexpensive to acquire here in Australia (in the USA, good 3L dot com domains regularly sell for 5 and 6 figures!).
  • Due to their scarcity, these domains are always going to be an asset (capable of being re-sold).

I have assisted over 60 businesses acquire a short memorable acronym domain for their business needs. None of them have looked back.

Given that these days we mostly live in an online world when it comes to business, hopefully this article will inspire more businesses to do the same!

As always, I wish you great online success.