A “Domain Name Squatter” Owns The NAB!

A good mate told me about this story by Georgia Wilkins in The Age overnight (thanks Richard G).

“National Australia Bank mistakenly sent the bank account details of 60,000 customers to an email address controlled by a domain name squatter and owner of adult websites.

Fairfax Media understands David Weissenberg, who owns domain names through his company Real Assets Limited, received the data when it was wrongly emailed to nab.com, a domain name he controls.”

Those 60,000 customers were apparently migrants to Australia! How embarrassing and costly for the NAB.

What Now?

Given that the NAB has apparently spent bucketloads on court action in the USA (which they have since abandoned), I wonder if we’re going to see a change of ownership with the domain name NAB.com?

“NAB took Google to court in the US to try to secure the data in December, but later dropped the case. It is understood to still be working with Google over the matter.”

I imagine the NAB Board and management have considered filing a UDRP to try and get the domain, but in my opinion, that would be absolutely futile.

So now they’ve probably authorised big bucks to buy the domain from the current registrant. How much is reputation worth? Particularly given that the current site resolves to this:

Ned O’Meara – 10th January 2016

4 thoughts on “A “Domain Name Squatter” Owns The NAB!

    • January 10, 2017 at 2:41 pm


      There’s an even better article in the AFR.

      Mr Weissenberg and his company own the domain name http://www.nab.com and http://www.nab.net. The domain http://www.nab.com is currently hosting a dating website.

      The Financial Review understands the bank has been in discussions with Mr Weissenberg on and off over the years about the domain name which he acquired in 1994.

      Ka ching indeed!

  • January 10, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Nice to see a bank get screwed for once it would be a strange feeling as they are often the one doing the screwing

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