A domain success story

CommLoans LogoHaving sold lots of domains, I don’t often follow up to see what happened afterwards.

Some people don’t do anything and are simply satisfied to have secured the domain to stop any of their competitors getting their hands on it! (Smart thinking!) 🙂

Others will re-direct the domain to their existing site.

And then you get those that go the “whole hog” and develop a website for their business. This is a quick article about one such client.


Last year I negotiated a deal on this premium domain with a finance broker (and a really nice guy) called Chris Rathgen. It was his first substantial investment in a domain name, and he chose this particular domain because he wanted a niche that wasn’t “over populated” (in an online sense).

I don’t often give recommendations for website designers, but Chris wanted to get a lead generation site developed – and he didn’t have a huge budget left. So I introduced him to someone offshore who has done work for me in the past.

His site is now up and running, and I think it looks great. It ticks all the boxes for what he wanted – and it was affordable for him.

I wish Chris great online success.

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  • August 2, 2015 at 9:46 am

    The site looks great, excellent domain too!

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