A Rainbow Opportunity

It’s great to see marriage equality at last recognised and accepted by a big majority of Australians. Now it’s up to the pollies to get it done.

From the perspective of a domain investor, I acquired two brilliant domain names a while back – GayWeddings.com.au and RainbowWedding.com.au. To me, it was only going to be a matter of time before gay marriage was legalised in Australia – so the investment wasn’t really that much of a punt.

And guess which two domains have received a few 4 figure offers in the past 48 hours! (To the person that offered us $50 for gayweddings.com.au, we’re still thinking about it – NOT!).

However, these are two domains that could well be worth developing (even though that is not our normal business model). I just think there is just such huge potential.  Looking overseas, GayWeddings.com shows how it can be done.

In the meantime, we just have our “parking page” up – got some nice clicks in recent times too!

Ned O’Meara – 17th November 2017

7 thoughts on “A Rainbow Opportunity

  • Snoopy
    November 17, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Very interesting Ned, like GayWeddings.com particularly, when did you register them? (or were they drops?)

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  • November 17, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Nice foresight Ned.

    What other hot terms are on your hotlist?       EV?    Solar?   Health?   Welfare?

    RealEstate?  Loans?  Bankruptcy?     (not in that order of course 😉

    Sportsbetting?  Drugs?  Porn?

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    • Ned O'Meara
      November 18, 2017 at 6:05 am

      I’m not sure if you’re taking the piss Cam? 😉

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  • November 18, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Not at all mate, just trying to pick your brain.

    You’ve been bang on about a few things (like acronyms!)

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    • Ned O'Meara
      November 18, 2017 at 12:10 pm

      Alright you sweet talker you – you’re forgiven. 😉

      I’ve been a big investor in real estate domains, but to date, they have been my most disappointing ROI. But I’m hopeful that is going to change – just need to implement a decent marketing strategy.

      Acronyms will never go out of fashion. They are definitely biggest seller by far.

      Adult domains in com.au haven’t worked for me or anyone I know.

      Loans, legal, insurance; occupation and service domains are always good sellers (add geo locations on to those terms as well). e.g. This week we sold a batch of geographic “removalist” domains. Couple of weeks ago we had a decent sale on budgetmovers.com.au

      One word generics and brandables seem to do ok as well.

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  • Luke Summers
    November 18, 2017 at 11:51 am

    They’re great domains Ned! 😀

    Cam’s question about your favoured topics/terms for investment could make for a good article. E.g. your ‘top ten areas for domain investment’.

    • Ned O'Meara
      November 18, 2017 at 12:12 pm

      Thanks Luke. 🙂

      With regards an article, you’re right. It would be good to do a “survey article” to get other opinions as well.

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