Robert Kaay

Robert runs Domainer for the Domainer and Domain Name Investor community.

He has been a panel member of auDA’s CRC (Constitutional Reform Committee) and currently runs the DIWG (Domain Investor Working Group) which is scrutinising impending Direct .AU Registration Implementation for auDA’s PRP (Policy Review Panel).

Apart from that, Robert runs an Australian Domain Brokerage firm called DBR.

If you’re looking to sell your domain names, you should add them to Robert’s NameBid.com.au domain aftermarket platform.

On June 25th, 2020, Robert made the decision to exit Registry Australia, the company he co-founded. It all began in March 2017, when Robert purchased the domain name Registry.com.au for $8250. Since then, he’s learned a lot about managing a successful company and the many personalities within it. Robert continues to run Domainer and DBR as he contemplates his next business venture.

You can follow Robert on Twitter or Linked In

Ed Keay-Smith

Ed co-hosts the “Domainer Show” with Robert.

Ed Keay-Smith owner & founder of Online Impact, consults with small businesses, SMEs, organisations and individuals to bring targeted visitors to their websites and help them convert those visitors into customers.

With 17 years experience in the Online Marketing field, Online Impact enjoys referrals from a diverse client base both locally & interstate.

Ed combines layperson language, real life examples and specific industry knowledge in his presentations to educate groups on maximising visitor traffic online.

A presenter since 2009 for Melville Digital Enterprise, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce & Business Foundations series of Online Marketing Workshops for SME’s with over 2000 business owners in attendance.

Ed has presented at several Web Marketing events in Chiang Mai Thailand on the subject of Pay Per Click Advertising & Domain Names.

At the recent WA Marketing & Technology Summit in Perth, Ed was also one of the keynote speakers discussing the trends of Pay Per Click Advertising.

In 2016 & 2017 Ed was one of the Keynote speakers at Netpreneur Summit in Tokyo Japan and Perth in 2018.

Ed is also the co‐host of the popular iTunes Podcast, the Business Marketing Show businessmarketingshow.com where he talks about all things online business marketing related for building a successful business online.

Domainer History

Domainer.com.au was the creation and labour of love of Ned O’Meara.

Behind the scenes making it all technically possible was Luke Summers (who also contributed some great articles), whilst Luke O’Meara (son of Ned) was the magic behind images and video tutorials (and other good stuff).

After 3 years of keeping the Australian domain name industry honest and on its toes, Ned passed the baton to Robert Kaay in May 2018.