Robert Kaay

Robert runs Domainer for the Domainers, Domain Investors and Australian Entrepreneurs.

He has been a panel member of auDA’s (Australian Domain Administration) CRC (Constitutional Reform Committee) and also ran the DIWG (Domain Investor Working Group) in 2019 which scrutinised impending Direct .AU Registration Implementation rules for auDA’s PRP (Policy Review Panel).

Robert also runs;

  • DBR.com.au – Domain Brokerage; Get your dream domain name!
  • Backorder.com.au – Be alerted when your dream domain becomes available.

You can email Robert or follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn(.)

Ed Keay-Smith

Ed co-hosts the “Domainer Show” with Robert.

Ed Keay-Smith owner & founder of Online Impact for over 17 years and consults with small businesses, SMEs, organisations and individuals to bring targeted visitors to their websites and help them convert those visitors into customers.


Domainer History

Domainer.com.au was the creation and labour of love of Ned O’Meara since 2015.

Behind the scenes making it all technically possible was Luke Summers (who also contributed some great articles), whilst Luke O’Meara (son of Ned) was the magic behind images and video tutorials of the time (and other good stuff).

After 3 years of keeping the Australian domain name industry honest and on its toes, Ned O’Meara passed the baton to Robert Kaay in May 2018.

“Neddy” continues to write articles every so often for Domainer, and most notably stated that auDA require an independent Ombudsman in 2017 and 2020 after stating;

“If any affected person in Australia feels aggrieved by a decision of auDA, who can they turn to for an independent assessment and adjudication?”

The Australian Domainer community continues to wait for this to become a reality.