Current Afilias Team Leader worked for Jonathan Horne.

According to Linked In, the current Technical Support Team Leader (Gaby Facci) at Afilias Australia previously worked for Jonathan Horne (Terrific Registrar – Management Team) as his personal assistant, as well as his;

Jonathan Horne currently claims to be securing “backorders at 100% hit-rate” with his Terrific Registrar from Afilias Australia‘s daily domain name drop list.

Mr Horne won back his own domain name recently for around $8.50, when it appeared on the daily Afilias Australia drop list. There were multiple bids over $10,000 for the same domain name at Australia’s two drop platforms, Netfleet and Both drop platforms were running around 14 server connections combined that day but were both unsuccessful in securing the domain name against Jonathan’s Terrific Registrar server.

Gaby Facci’s current Linked In profile reads as follows:

3 thoughts on “Current Afilias Team Leader worked for Jonathan Horne.

  • May 20, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Lots of domains associated with Jonathan Horne and Domain Protector being policy deleted today. How come?

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  • May 20, 2019 at 10:13 am

    What is the point to this post? Are you against career progression? We should be supporting females in Tech not posting insinuating posts that can harm someone

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    • May 20, 2019 at 1:00 pm

      Not sure who you are and why you’d be trying to turn this into a “females in Tech” argument. This has nothing to do with that. I agree that we need more female intelligence in tech.

      There’s no “insinuation” above, merely facts.

      Many people are still trying to figure out how the drop-platform market has suddenly been heavily influenced by the Terrific Backorder Server Connection. They claim they are hitting a “100% hit-rate” against 14 Netfleet and Drop servers.

      Today we saw “Domain Protector” and “Jonathan Horne” and “Terrific Registrar” deliberately drop nearly 100 domain names they own. As Matilda mentioned above, why did that just happen today?

      I have never met nor have anything against Gaby Facci, but the fact remains that she worked for nearly 3 years for Jonathan Horne (Terrific Registrar) and then moved right into Afilias Australia.

      I’ve been told Gaby also basically ran Jonathan’s Domain Protector business. Not sure if she still has something to do with that? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong?

      Does Gaby Facci currently work for any of Jonathan Horne’s businesses?

      This industry demands transparency. And fairness. That’s all this post is about.

      How many other former/current employees of Jonathan Horne currently work at Afilias Australia?

      Jonathan Horne himself wrote the following on Domainer 3 years ago (in regards to the Netfleet Drop Platform):

      “So you have just proved commercial dishonesty in your organisation.” and… “How is the auction going to function in the future to ensure their is transparency?” (

      … which indicates he understands the concept of transparency and commercial dishonesty.

      What he did with was NOT TRANSPARENT and to this day, no one in this industry understands how he won the domain name, outside the drop-platform process, that no one else has access to, so…


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