All of a sudden, Netfleet winning all the drop-domains!

Ever since Afilias took over running Australia’s domain name registry from AusRegistry in July, 2018, Netfleet clearly struggled to win many good “dropping” domain names. The majority were won by

Many domain investors and entrepreneurs believe “dropped domains” are acquired at effectively wholesale-pricing, because it’s a very rare occasion for a premium, short-word domain name to be accidentally released back to the public market.

But, this past week has mysteriously seen Netfleet winning many of the good dropped domain names again:


  • – $4,250
  • – $3,800
  • – $2,000
  • – $1,500
  • – $782
  • – $660
  • – $541
  • – $366
  • – $98

I’m lead to believe, by multiple bidders, that had high bids on their platform for each of these domain names, yet as of this past week, they seem to be less likely to win good domain names anymore.

One has to ask… What has changed or happened to cause this?