The Minutes from the recent auDA Annual General Meeting have today been published. I have included a copy below as well.

As is generally the case with Minutes, there has been a lot of paraphrasing. However, your intrepid blogger was at the meeting, and I recorded all of it (as I said before, my memory is shocking as I get older – and I certainly don’t want to misquote anyone or anything).

So here are the first couple of snippets. Apologies in advance for the quality – it was done from a distance.

In this first very brief segment, David Goldstein asked a question relating to candidate statements. The Chairman Stuart Benjamin gave a rather interesting answer (I’m most upset that he plagiarised my previous “Donald Trump” reference!). Once again you don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure out who he was referring to! And the Demand Class election result hadn’t even been announced.


This next segment runs for about 5 minutes : 30 seconds. It relates to my questions on direct registrations, and the answer is from the CEO Cameron Boardman.


Some interesting snippets to follow tomorrow – particularly in relation to AusRegistry.

As always, interested in your feedback.

Ned O’Meara – 13th December 2016