auDA – Another Constructive Suggestion

A few days ago, auDA sent out a newsletter to members calling for expressions of interest to join the soon to be established Policy Review Panel.

This is a great initiative – and I applaud auDA for it. To my mind, it will be the most important panel auDA has had. Why? Because these are the issues being considered:

♦ the development of an implementation policy for direct registration; and

♦ policy reform of existing auDA policies

The Panel is expected to commence work in September 2017 and is scheduled to sit for 12 months.

Constructive Suggestion

I foresee one major issue – 6 plus a Chair is not enough panel members for such an important task.

♦  Having served on many auDA panels, 6 + 1 will not be sufficient to get a truly representative view, or to cover all bases.

♦  People also get sick; or busy; or go on holiday. Particularly as the panel is going to sit for 12 months.

♦  Given that we are a membership organisation, just 1 supply and 1 demand member is also not sufficient for such an important task. The recommendations to be made will affect the businesses and livelihoods of all members – as well as the broader internet community and other stakeholders.

♦  3 of each membership class would be much more representative – and a better balance overall. Plus, you then have cover for when unexpected situations arise.

♦  I believe that you should look at increasing this panel to 10 members plus the Chair. You’re not paying salaries or consultant’s fees – so cost is not an issue (except maybe some travel costs).

Conversely, two previous panels (Names Panel and Industry Advisory Panel) were over-populated with 23 and 22 members respectively!

10 + 1 seems just right to me (similar to the size of the auDA Board). 🙂

Post Script

I emailed this suggestion to Erhan Karabardak (Deputy Chair) and Cameron Boardman (CEO) a couple of days ago. Erhan replied that “he tends to agree with me”, and would raise this with Cameron and  the Panel Chair (John Swinson).

Given that just 12 days ago auDA said they would listen to members, I’m feeling hopeful. 🙂

Ned O’Meara – 11th August 2017

4 thoughts on “auDA – Another Constructive Suggestion

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    August 11, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    3 of each membership class would be much more representative

    I whole-heartedly agree that 3 additional panel members from each membership class be added to the Policy Review Panel.

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    August 11, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Agree that 1 in each class is too small.

    I also believe there is demand for Mr Sean Fogarty to join the panel.

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    August 11, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Great feedback and suggestion Ned and well done for contacting auDA with it.

    I have submitted to be the auDA Policy Review Panel.

    Suggestions for auDA and policy improvements can also be added the list here which I have been advised the auDA CEO is aware of and working on where possible.

    There really needs to be 1 place online where people can submit suggestions, others can read it ( transparency) and everyone can see what is being done, next steps or no steps taken etc ( accountability). Perhaps auDA would be best to set up such an area on their official website also for public viewing, comments, input, updates etc.

    Improving auDA communications and engagement via such as list may help improve issues and get the focus back on the many important tasks needing to be done.

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    August 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks for raising this issue, Ned.

    It is easily over-looked given everything else that is going on.

    I agree that previous panels have been unwieldy in their size and that this particular panel process is under-populated.

    In particular, there is too little member representation for such a broad, all-encompassing exercise.

    I seriously considered putting my name forward for the Panel given my 8 years of experience in various Australian Government policy roles and 8.5 years at auDA. But regrettably, I am not eligible.

    Personal gripe aside, I whole-heartedly agree that there should be at least 3 reps from each membership class.


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