auDA Board Elections 2016

We’re off and racing – the Annual General Meeting of auDA will take place on the 28th November in Sydney. This means that auDA elections for Board Directors will also happen then.

This is a most vital election – and I’m hopeful that the majority of Demand Class members (particularly those that are domain investors) will elect two candidates that represent their views. People who are not afraid to stand up and be counted – and who are prepared to engage with their constituencies after they have been elected!

I urge everyone that is interested in the future of the .au space to read all candidate statements before agreeing to sign a “blank proxy”. An incumbent auDA Demand Class Director (who is seeking re-election) was very quick off the mark yesterday – I was told by several people that he had sent them a proxy form urging them to sign and return immediately! As one of my mates told me, he claimed credit for almost everything (he was surprised he didn’t also claim to have invented “sliced bread”). ūüėČ

Our votes are so important this year – let’s make sure we elect the right candidates.

The AGM Agenda

You can have a read of the full agenda here. What I’m particularly interested in is Item 6 – see below.

Agenda Item 6- Special resolution to adjust Clause 18.2(d) of the Constitution
As recommended by the Cameron Ralph report on the governance of auDA which was adopted by the Board of auDA on 10 October 2016, it is proposed to amend clause 18.2(d) of the Constitution to increase the number of Independent Directors permissible on the Board from three to four. This will allow for an expanded mix of skills and diversity on the Board, and improve adherence to good governance principles. The amended clause is below and a marked-up version of the proposed amendment to the Constitution is available here.

My question is: If this “Cameron Ralph Report” has been adopted by the Board back on the 10th October, why have auDA members not been informed as yet? This is particularly significant given that an election is imminent.

You don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to work out that this is going to have a flow-on effect for the election of Demand Class Directors.



Just 3 candidates for Supply Class (2 vacancies) – and 9 candidates for Demand Class (also 2 vacancies).

Candidate Class Proposed by Seconded by
Erhan Karabardak Supply Domo Digital Pty Ltd Mailguard Pty Ltd
Angelo Giuffrida Supply VentraIP Domain Syndicates
Joe Manariti Supply Get Started Butterfly Internet
Timothy Connell Demand Chris Burgess Rodney Seeber
Jim Stewart Demand Joshua Rowe Sean Callanan
Teresa Mitchell Demand Jonathon Lawrence Luke Grogan
Simon Johnson Demand Simon Johnson Big Bang Domains
(Brian Lord)
Shane Moore Demand etrading Pty Ltd
(Ned O’Meara)
Frances O’Meara
John Nugent Demand John Nugent Angelo Giuffrida
Nicole Murdoch Demand David Goldstein Holly Raiche
Christopher Burgess Demand Calie Salter Peter Moon
Peter Tonoli Demand Peter Tonoli Leanne O’Donnell

Given we are still in racing season, I will be writing a comprehensive form guide on the candidates on Domainer on Monday / Tuesday. I wouldn’t sign anyone’s proxy until you’ve had a chance to read that.

All candidates are invited to give their own pitch which will be published without editorial comment.


The only danger I can foresee is that there is a possibility of splitting the domain investor vote. I’ve seen many an auDA election lost this way.

Ned O’Meara – 4th November 2016


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2 thoughts on “auDA Board Elections 2016

  • November 4, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Plenty of nominees for the two demand class positions.

    I agree Ned, splitting the domainer vote is a huge risk.  We need to ensure that anyone who cares about the important issues, such as direct registrations, are supporting two strong candidates rather than splitting votes across three or more candidates.

    If the vote is split across more than two candidates, there’s a great chance that we’ll all fail and nothing will change.

  • November 5, 2016 at 3:27 am

    My votes will go to someone who stands up now against the un needed additional  .au extension.

    Forget giving in and talking ‚Äúimplementation‚ÄĚ. The additional .au extension can be stopped and whoever does their homework how, checks with auDA if it it is possible and will do this will win this election. Chances are they would get millions of registrant votes if all 3 million registrants knew about it and where also auDA members able to vote.

    If a candidate is not doing their homework on this now they do not deserve a vote or to run. The issue of another .au extension is crucial for Australian business, our economy and the rights of the existing 3 million registrants who will all be affected.

    Any candidate can email the auDA CEO now and ask if it is possible to stop the additional extension and how exactly this would be allowed within processes, policies and legally. You may find he knows the answer as it is his job to know. I suggest ALL candidates phone and email him to ask and write the response asap so people and voters are better informed.

    It is time for auDA and those in “supply” to stop the con and focus on making what we have better. …Not just another money grab with their push for another extension which facts prove is not needed at all.

    auDA is relaying on a survey of 3000 people which was rigged to give a slightly higher yes vote. There are 3 million domain name registrants who need the right to vote not just 3000!

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