Letter to auDA Board Members in regards to my complaints against Drop.com.au

Back in September, I reported that I had lodged formal complaints to the relevant authorities because I believe that Drop.com.au and/or Trellian may have engaged in the following conduct:

  • breaches of the auDA Registrar’s agreement and the auDA Code of Practice by enabling affiliates and related entities of Drop and Trellian to be provided with registry services by Drop;
  • breach of the auDA Registrar’s agreement in respect of Drop’s failure to ensure protection of the .au domain name registration infrastructure and enabling security bugs or errors to persist for 6 months; and
  • breach of the auDA Registrar’s agreement and the Code of Practice for failing to perform its duties to promote consumer protection, fair trading and competition.

I have now heard back from all of the relevant authorities stating they have begun looking into the complaints.

It’s such a shame it had to come to this, because I have been and am still technically a customer of Drop.com.au and have been for seven years (my first invoice was from October 1st 2014).

David Warmuz (Director of Drop.com.au) has now engaged lawyers and issued me with a Defamation Concerns Notice.

Furthermore, today I want to ensure the auDA Board Members are aware of these ongoing investigations and I have written to them to inform them of these developments.