auDA Elections 2016 – Candidate Statement

tim-connellTim Connell from Melbourne is putting his hand up as a potential Demand Class Director for the auDA elections next month.

He foreshadowed doing so quite a few months ago, and so it was no surprise to see him follow through.

I’ve known Tim for about 5 years, and he would best be described as a “character”. He certainly has opinions on everything! 🙂 Having said that, I find him to be a person of the utmost integrity.

There is one other factor that you can rely on with Tim – as you will see from his statement below, he is very passionate on the subject of direct registrations and small business.

This is his pitch for one of your votes! If you have any questions for him, you can post them in the “comments” section; or contact him directly.

Why I’m Nominating For The auDA Board

Back in May I announced my intention to run for demand class director, and now after months of unbelievable events within auDA, there certainly seems to be even more of a need for a true demand class director, not a half hearted ‘swayable’; that true demand person I believe is me.

So I have now lodged my nomination with auDA. My goal is to give members an opportunity to have a person on the board representing their best interests.

There is more to this election then just the .au, there are the discussions on many things that need actioning to bring the demand class out from a mostly Domainer membership to a more real “domain owner” membership. We need more members in auDA, having 150+ members is too small an amount for such an important organisation.

The question of membership fees and voting rights is also something to look at as I personally know from talking to grass roots clients that they all feel paying is ridiculous given they have already paid for their domain names.

My Position On .AU:

I just want to cover one thing first before I get onto the topic on every ones lips and that is the severe lack of communication to domain name owners by auDA, From the outside it seems auDA spends more time on informing the small 150+ members about events like the auIGF and the xmas party then it does communicating with the people who pay their wages, domain name owners, whilst a non profit organisation sits with millions of dollars and growing at its disposal – it just doesn’t make sense to me.

If we had greater communication to the millions of domain name owners I am sure we would not be talking about direct registrations.

1) I am against the introduction of .au in what I believe its present form will take, primarily this will not create growth, it is mere duplication for the sake of supply class profit from defensive registrations.

2) I will not vote for a change that involves an increase in costs to the consumer for something that is not needed.

3) If this goes through regardless then priority should be with the owner ONLY.

4) I am for the introduction of a .au as a replacement to the current, I believe shorter is better especially for the future with the take up of mobile devices, but not at the added expense of present domain name owners.

4b) If we undertake the .au then the should be scrapped following a comprehensive information campaign to all domain name owners over many “change-over” years.

No one as yet has presented any thing of benefit to warrant having both and .au in existence, we didn’t keep miles or inches when we went metric, we didn’t keep our old phone number when Telstra added a digit and the way an area code is represented, the list goes on with past examples of successful changeover examples in Australia rather then failed ones from the UK and NZ.

I think my view point is highlighted succinctly by “CarSales” in their 2015 Names Panel Policy Submission on Draft Recommendations:

Full submission here.

” CarSales’ view is that registrations under .au TLDs should not be made available because they do not provide the benefits that the Panel rely on to justify their introduction and they present complications for existing and future registrants. The existing 2LDs (,, etc.) that are available for use adequately service the needs of Australian domain registrants.”



1.1. Does not provide benefits presented by the Panel

1.2. Open to cyber squatting and bad faith registrations

1.3. Increased cost of maintaining domain portfolio

1.4. Impact on trade mark assets of business

I solely represent the stakeholders in this industry. My definition of stakeholder is domain name owners are stakeholders not registrars. Registrars are service providers like your ISP, you move from one to the other as it suits you, if one stops their service there is always another to take its place.

Registrars are services started to make a profit, like any good business, but I feel they have over influenced what happens with domains, they say there is a need for a new product when it appears that there is none and wish to create this product not to offer it to the market but to force the market to purchase it.

Who Is Tim?

My background has always been in sales and management positions in private enterprise.

Management positions where systems follow/create and implement, decision making, problem solving, P&L, staff, sales/marketing/growth.

After 15years learning these types of skills from very successful large companies I went into my own business, now in its 16th year, starting in 2000 with very little knowledge about the internet/website building. I had an online idea where I built a website simply by asking search engines questions (google was only just starting then so it was yahoo, alta vista, etc.) and learning HTML, ASP and PHP from that. That business was great for a single bloke in Byron Bay but not enough for a wife and 2 kids but it did allow me to expand the business, and it now represents just a small part of my overall business. We are presently developing and expanding the business into several different areas and directions.

My business is 50/50, Web development for my own domains and everything from domain registration to building websites and beyond for clients. I dislike domains that sit around and do nothing and in the past I have had many that do, like all of us have. I am however progressing quite quickly now with changing that.

My innate skills allow me to learn quickly, everyday I learn and achieve things I have never attempted before, I love a challenge. I am a participant not an observer. I have never been on a board before but I have on many occasions created strategies as a team member for large companies to improve their systems and profit.

I am not afraid to say what I think and act on it, I am an open book on that, happy to listen to views that differ from mine and I have the ability to alter my view when I feel I have found a better one for all concerned which means I am not so stubborn that I do not have the ability for growth and change to occur, its a fundamental part of my life.

I’m a family man that lives in suburbia and knows the plight of SME’s , I’m “on the ground” talking with SME’s daily so I know and understand their real thoughts on this subject, from city businesses to small country towns, from Cairns to Melbourne. The real thoughts, not the ones that come from a survey of ‘leading’ questions.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want clarity on where I stand on any subject that concerns you.

My hours are 10am till late, just ring and see if I am free, please drop me an email if after 6pm is when you want to talk.

Tim Connell

  • Phone: 0439 859 860
  • Skype: whitecollarwebsites ( make it clear where you are from when you ask me to add you, otherwise it comes as spam )

10 thoughts on “auDA Elections 2016 – Candidate Statement

  • Luke
    October 22, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    Good on you Tim. You’ll have one of my votes.

  • Avatar
    October 22, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Tim excellent Candidate Statement.

    “Carsales”  is also correct.

    There should be NO additional unneeded direct .au extension until all 3 million existing registrants are provided the true facts and afforded the procedural fairness of voting their options, concerns and a fair vote.  Why did the the 3 million existing registrats not get emails from auDA and Ausregistry?  Because auDA, some board members and other parties did not want to risk a no vote!

    The direct registration push was headed by parties who stand to make commercial profits from it. This is a fact. Some of those include auDA Board Members who swayed results by sending out “Yes Only” survey forms and “stacking” the Yes vote. Other parties also produced a lot of Pro additional .au extension propaganda again swaying yes votes without citing correct facts about the true update and non renewals of direct registrations that had been implemented in the UK and .NZ.

    I have had involvement with the UK and New Zealand domain name industry for 20 years. Before auDA  or AusRegistry even existed.

    The Direct .au registration scam push has been exposed and it should not proceed.

    There have been clear conflicts of interests that have been allowed to occur and it seems auDA has allowed them to occur. auDA will make a lot of money from another .au extension so this may in fact be why they let the process  be so one sided ( Yes Vote) and flawed?

    auDA has enough problems to deal with itself. It has had massive changes this year with the loss of directors, CEO’s, people quitting out of disgust and long term staff being moved out or leaving themselves due to disgust at the .au  extension yes vote stacking.

    auDA, Registry bodies, Registries, IP lawyers ( who will make more money from the upcoming influx of domain name disputes, auDRP panel members) Supply auDA members,  should not be allowed to push into the Australian market the direct registrations which 99% of Australians do not even know about because auDA and AusRegistry failed to email them and tell them the truth.

    The push for the direct .au extension has been occurring for at least 10 years in Australia and each year or 2 years no facts have ever been presented why it is really needed but of course those who want the extra profit have managed due to their positions of power and influence to sway the result how they have always wanted it to go. It for them is about extra profits and this may be why one such party was bought out for such a high price last year by an offshore company who themselves quote the great extra profits that will be made from this

    I do hope the new boss at auDA is listening, he can be the person who actually takes control of this mess and stops it. I do hope he is not fooled by what has been done in the past or the power of those who want the extra money direct .au extension will make them.

    What was done to appear to follow process was nothing but a rigged smokescreen. I have heard a auDA direct implementation “secret” committee had already been set up earlier in 2016! Well this is strange considering that’s before surveys had been completed and  the rigged yes vote tally taken!  Who was on this “secret” direct .au implementation committee and who chose them, how long have they been involved in the Australian domain name space and what is their actually experience in domain names and not just being an “academic”, Do they have a business where their is crucial for them and do they appreciate the value of a to the millions of existing registrants?

    The process for the un needed additional direct registration .au extension was rigged and flawed and direct .au extensions must be stopped. Carsales is right. Every existing and probably future holder will be detrimentally affected.

    Let’s hope auDA’s new CEO Cameron has the integrity to get it stopped and expose the con for what it was.  It is NOT a done deal as some would like to have people believe.

    Time to clear the auDA staff and board decks “policy” makers and panel members who for so long have had their own commercial or employment interests as their focus. Time to stop the junkets and massive auDA expenditure increases every year.

    The facts are most of this can all be done handled by the Department of Communications. auDA and Ausregistry are not even needed. They are just middlemen making profits in between as are many on the board in “supply” who make money from domain name registrations, renewals and Change of registrant fees.

    Perhaps the auDA and ausRegistry contracts should not be renewed after 2016 and instead for a fairer process the Australian Department of Communications takes over management of the Australian Domain Name System. At least any profits made can be with the Australian taxpayers. auDA can transfer it’s existing auDA $10 Million bank balance to the Government for assistance with transition costs?

    Lots of work needs to be done to fix things. The auDA board needs to be far more focused on the demand side and not so rigged in favour of “supply” who of course all want to sell more names and make more money no matter how they can or the affected it will have on Australia, Australian business and existing Australian domain name registrants.

    Tim if you can document all the things need fixing with a good solution you will get a lot of votes but be warned you are up against  a very power supply opposition ( inclduing some auDA board members) and perhaps even auDA themselves who wants to make more money from another Australian domain name extension.

    It might be time for a senate enquiry actually. Let’s have some people asked on the record what they know so some truths come out, lets get some documents into the public arena so people can clearly see who pushed the direct .au extension and why and the profits they will make from it. Why do people think Neustar  INC USA a foreign company bought Ausregistry…. because of the extra profits so they said in their own statements and documents.

  • Avatar
    October 23, 2016 at 8:14 pm


    Try to have auDA focus on it’s role. It is the only country admin body running award nights, foundations and grants which is NOT what is was contracted to do years ago.

    Now the old CEO and others are leaving lets have auDA focus back on what it’s role is which is merely admin and policy of Australian  Domain Names.  Not being a charity for non domain name related businesses or academics seeking  free funding.

    If auDA is making so much profit that they need to give it away to remain a “not for profit” they just have to reduce domain name fees, stop charging for  COR change of registrant etc.

    With $10 million in the bank of profits clearly auDA is making far too much from registrations, renewals and change of registrant fees. It is time this rip off stopped.

    People such as auDA board members and “supply registrars” have claimed Australia needs to follow the New Zealand model, well here  are some facts about direct registrations in New Zealand, how it has failed and how it also caused massive problems.

    Last year was the worst year for New Zealand Domain registration growth ever! this coincides with the new direct  .nz extension starting!

    This year saw a massive drop in renewals or the direct .nz according to the Annual Report of the DNC.

    An excerpt:

     “The dip between February and March 2016 reflects the one-year anniversary of the end of the preferential registration and registration period – an important part of the registrations direct at the second level change. It appears that some registrants, having exercised their preferential registration rights, have subsequently let the shorter version of their name drop.”

  • Avatar
    October 26, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I agree with you on most things Tim.  I’m not sure why but this direct .au registrations has only just hit my radar. It’s an extra cost to existing domain holders, it devalues existing domain holders assets, it benefits no one except registrars .

    It is a big fat new Internet tax .

    I would say scrapping the is a very bad idea though. That would cost billions for domain holders to implement and most will do it incorrectly when it comes to search traffic for nil benefit.

  • Avatar
    October 27, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    It’s only going to appear on the majority of stakeholders radar when it’s all done and dusted. That’s why it’s shonky.

    Still waiting for my phone call  and or the latest email survey from auDA.

    There’s a hundred odd demand members, why not survey them all?

    I bet they are surveying the unknown names.

    Has anybody else got the survey yet?

    • Avatar
      November 5, 2016 at 2:27 pm

      I have not received the survey at all and I know at least 7 other auDA members who have not either…

      Where is the transparency?…. It is another example of more yes direct .au extension survey rigging I think just looking for answers they want perhaps?


      I see auDA posting again their survey of just 3000 people shows support for another .au extension. This is shameful they are posting this again when they know it is being questioned and the facts they have relied on from .uk and .nz have now been proven to be false and misleading.

      survey  only 3000 and affect a population of 25 million with a bad decision? Crazy

      • tim
        November 6, 2016 at 1:08 pm

        i read that 3000 also, it can be read 2 ways, yes to a domain ending in .au eg:, or just .au, once again very misleading imo

  • tim
    October 27, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    jim i agree dropping. is a bad idea, but having a and .au is worse IMO.

    as i mentioned we can transition , we’ve done so in the past with other things, if we have a clear timeline to work towards.

    sean i certainly hope there is no “secret committee” planning the  implementation as that would not make me happy at all and goes against what auda has said it would do.

    unfortunately people no longer believe auda’s words.

    documenting solutions is a good idea however the board should be acting like a board and that is something i’d be looking to achieve.




    • Avatar
      November 5, 2016 at 2:59 am

      I have been informed The “secret implementation committee” was set up by a now non auDA staff member. It included some people who have been honest enough to come forward and tell at least a few people they where on it but it didn’t have any meetings.

      auDA should make an announcement who was on this committee and publish when it was set up, who set it up, what was it’s terms of reference and reporting processes.

      It appears auDA jumped the gun on saying yes to another .au extension and someone  or a group of powerful people really has done all they can to push it through with minimal oversight and transparency. Some people want to make a lot of money from it and do anything it takes to get it in..,,, even with Rigged survey yes only vote forms and inaccurate information about the .uk and .nz extensions.

      Ask yourself who will make money from the additional .au extension and see if they are on the auDA board or putting out PR campaigns to push it… they are!

      3 million existing Australian registrants deserve to know the full facts and the right to vote and do a valid survey. Why won’t auDA and Ausregistry contact them and ask for feedback, surveys, votes and objections or questions?  The answer is they do not want them to know or vote against it!

      A new auDA board can stop the additional .au extension from going ahead. This is within policy, board rules and Corporations Law. 

      Forget “implementation” and people can focus on stopping the additional .au direct extension and  the real mess to the Australian business and domain name space before it occurs.

      There are still millions of,, names available right now if people want them!

  • Avatar
    November 7, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Well said. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. It seems like it could be hard at this point to shift the pending changes but there are plenty of people who have concerns for this change to the .au space.

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