Some years ago, auDA audited domain names to make sure these were being used for a proper purpose i.e. as per auDA policy (Schedule F), the 2LD is for non-commercial organisations.

Suffice to say, there were massive deletions!

Recently it was pointed out to me by an industry observer that there has been a contracting in EVERY namespace except for which keeps growing. In their opinion, they think the potential for fraud and/or improper use is enormous.

Time for another audit perhaps?

This graphic is from auDA’s own monthly statistics:

Why should we care I hear you ask?

  • Imagine if you have invested a lot of money in a premium domain, and somebody comes along and hand registers a matching domain when they are not entitled to do so. I know many will say that will always be king, but it does “muddy the waters” unnecessarily.
  • With the possible introduction of direct registration being imminent, we have to consider the issue of “Priority Status” – i.e. who has first rights to apply for the .au? If there is an that has been improperly registered, it could possibly “outrank” you.

Here are just a few examples of what I believe are improper usage:


If you look at the WhoIs on each of the above, there is a common denominator – non-local registrars.


  • As responsible domain investors and registrants, we are required to follow the policies of auDA – and suffer severe consequences if we don’t.
  • The auDA Compliance team seem to be concentrating on pursuing domain investors and other registrants whilst actively ignoring what is a major breach of policy with registrations. (In my opinion of course).
  • Check your own domains on the “Priority Status” tool, and if you find a commercial entity has the, make a complaint to auDA!

2 thoughts on “auDA Needs To Audit Again

  • July 7, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Yep I saw this too. I think this might have something to do with the release of the shorter extension.

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  • July 7, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    Under the current proposed auDA direct registration plan auDA, auDA wholesale registry subcontracted Afilias and some Registrars will extort a new “fee” on conflicted domain name parties.

    auDA and these parties have created this new “extortion fee” and this conflicted names process behind closed doors with no proper disclosures to the affected existing .au domain name parties.

    So… the more names which are in this created conflicted names process the more money auDA, Afilias and certain Registrars will make of this extortion fee.

    No country or namespace in the world has ever done this.

    It is unlikely any of those parties will be reducing their potential extorted profits by actually validating the 300,000 + conflicted name registrants eligibility which they could and should have already done.

    Have auDA ever validated all existing 3 million. Au names registered they are charging registration and renewal fees on? Abns, Acns, personal name registrations, expired trademarks or TM applications, deregistered companies etc? No..they don’t want to.

    Do they have the resources and money to do it yes they do.

    While auDA have patted themselves on the back for bringing the .au namespace into disrepute globally over recent years, stakeholders have totally lost any respect or trust auDA or their failed auDA Policy Review Panel actually knew what they where doing.

    The new auDA Board is so deficient in actual domain namespace experience and historical knowledge of the many years of auSA Registrar conflicts of interest and anti consumer behaviour they blindly, will it seems, implement the old sacked auDA management and okd sacked auDA boards plans creating expensive choas in the near future.

    And all of this will be pushed in while businesses are trying to stay afloat in a major impending recession and record unemployment.

    ….More Not For Profit Monopoly auDA created costs, fees, red tape, conflict and probably confusion for. Au domain name registrant Consumers…

    Over 15,000 registrations are invalid under current auDA policy.

    This is the tip of the iceberg.

    How many of these are invalid under current auDA policy?
    The ineligible number exceeds 400,000!

    Why don’t auDA Registrars send .au domain name renewal notices with the full Registrant eligibility information… because auDA, Registry and Registrars want to plead ignorant to accepting payment on auDA policy registrant ineligible renewals ….

    Do they want 400,000 less renewals per year or do they want to continue pretending they don’t know to make the extra 400,000 .au renewal fee money….

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