Quarterly Report

auDA sent their Quarterly Report out to members yesterday. This covers the period July / August / September. You can access it from their website here.

The September quarter also saw continued growth in .au domain name registrations, with more than 171,000 domains created, contributing to a total of 3,386,186 domains under management in September 2021. July saw more than 60,500 domain name registrations, representing the second highest level of monthly .au registrations ever.

New fact sheets to help navigate the .au

auDA have recently published a series of fact sheets that provide easy-to-follow information about registering and managing .au domain names. The fact sheets are available here.

Their fact sheets are also available in a range of languages other than English here.


The auDA Compliance Team won a “gong” last night at the annual ACOMMS Awards. It was in the category “Services to Industry – Professional Services”. (Clayton Utz was a co-winner).

au.Domain Administration: New rules to keep the .au domain trusted and secure – The auDA Compliance Team has overseen the implementation of a new licensing rules framework for the .au domain, working with the domain name industry to promote compliance and ensure the .au remains secure, accessible and trusted for the benefit of all Australians.

Courtesy of Accoms.com.au

Well done to Steph Viljoen and her team! In my opinion, Steph is one of auDA’s best human assets. 🙂 She is always approachable, and looks to help rather than hinder.

2 thoughts on “auDA News

  • November 19, 2021 at 6:05 pm

    There are still many non compliant. org.au, .id.au and .asn.org.au names registered.

    How exactly does auDA and Registrars review and Policy Delete these policy breaching ineligible Registrant registrations and renewals?

    There are many thousands that remain still registered today.

    Example Cybersecurity.org.au . Registered to a For Profit company… not a “Not For Profit” as showing in the auDA Whois Eligibility Type.

    Registrant: RPL CENTRAL PTY. LTD.
    Registrant ID: ABN 21136181989
    Eligibility Type: Non-profit Organisation
    Eligibility Name: RPL CENTRAL PTY. LTD.
    Eligibility ID: ABN 21136181989

    The auDA and Registrar claimed Verification process does not work at all.

    It will be even easier for their proposed No Rules “Direct .au” extension … A scammers paradise auDA is putting in place.

    The auDA registrant policies make no sense at all…but it does give lawyers, panelists and auDA staff more jobs and money!

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    • November 20, 2021 at 8:32 am

      You’re right Tony. Most times I check a good name on Backorder.com.au, it is registered in at least three extensions – one of which is invariably a org.au.

      When you check the WhoIs for the registrant of the org.au, they don’t comply. And the registrar involved is generally an overseas one.

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