auDA, Registrants Are Your Lifeblood

All parts of the .au domain name space (ecosystem) absolutely need each other.

On the “Supply” side there has to be a regulator; a registry; registrars (and resellers). Flowing on from that are all the other service providers like drop catchers, hosting companies, web designers and SEO companies (and many others).

On the “Demand” side there are the endusers or registrants of domain names.

Then there are those service providers that cater for both Supply and Demand e.g. lawyers and accountants.

Here’s The Thing Though

I’m certainly not discounting the importance and necessity of the “Supply” side, but the simple fact is, registrants are the lifeblood of any domain name ecosystem. When they register or renew a domain name, they ultimately pay the bills for every single “Supply” entity. Without registrants, then none of the above “Supply” service providers would even be necessary.

Having been on the “Supply” side briefly, I speak from experience. If I didn’t have registrants buying or renewing domain names, then I’d be out of business. Simple as that.

Which Is Why …

auDA needs to recognise and respect all registrants when it comes to considering the possible introduction and implementation of direct registrations. Why? Because it is the “Supply” side that will be the biggest benefactors of this proposed new world. And it is the registrants who will be asked to pay.

This is the biggest ever proposed change to our domain space, and therefore auDA has an obligation to inform every single registrant of what they are proposing. Not just a random sample – every single individual registrant needs to be told in simple terms how it could affect or benefit them. (There are around 1.7 million of them in Australia). auDA, you have access to all registrant email addresses, and given the importance of the issue, and your fiduciary relationship, this would not be considered spamming!

If auDA does this – and does it properly – and the majority of registrants are in favour, then they have done their job. No one can complain.

auDA, registrants are ultimately the ones that pay for your existence. Your office rent; your salaries and wages; the directors fees;  the trips overseas.

So please – if you want some registrants to potentially be whacked with a “double tax”, let’s at least have some transparency, proper communication and consultation first. You are obligated to.

Ned O’Meara – 24th October 2017


2 thoughts on “auDA, Registrants Are Your Lifeblood

  • October 24, 2017 at 10:40 am

    The administrative cost of implementing the proposed direct .au is taxing on the economy; changing stationary and letter heads, plus the SEO implications and redirection [missed traffic] all these nuances and more contribute to lost income;
    Trademark costs to change existing marks will not be cheap – companies with label brands will be required to change all tagging; legal conflicts and complaints, increase administrative costs, additional staff, Aussies will out-source work to foreign companies for a cheaper deal, whilst all along Aussie business owners / registrants are adding more money to the Not-For-profit auDA coffers and lining lawyer pockets;
    If the wheel ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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  • October 24, 2017 at 11:39 am

    In my view it will probably take further Government intervention before AUDA is forced to do the right thing by the Australian people.

    AUDA should be informing Australian public of the proposal particularly the cost to businesses. I’d guess they will continue to not do that because AUDA stands to make tens of millions of dollar from the proposal over time.


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