auDA Snippets – 5th October 2017

There have been a few things happening at auDA, so it’s time to do another “snippets”.

2017 Policy Review Panel (PRP)

The first meeting happened in Melbourne last week, and as a member of the PRP (Demand Class representative), it was good to attend in person. As I said in my last “snippets”, I’m very impressed with the organisation and planning to date.

Things are already happening – the first issues paper was released yesterday for public comment. If you want to have a say about direct registration and its implementation, this article tells you everything you need to know.

auDA’s New Office

This was my first visit to the new office at Level 17, 1 Collins Street. It’s the “penthouse suite” with beautiful views over Fitzroy Gardens. I really liked it.

I was given a guided tour by Cameron Boardman, and in practical terms, it seems a far more usable and practical space than Cardigan Street ever was. Cameron told me that it was actually cheaper than what they had before (after taking into account incentives etc). That’s got to be good!

More importantly though, it seems a conducive and safe environment for staff and visitors. As someone who has been to Cardigan Street many times, those wooden stairs that they had there were a nightmare (and a safety and health risk). And it was a rabbit warren when it came to workspaces – just did not flow.

So the face of it, it’s a great move. 🙂

Where Are The Minutes?

Members went to an SGM over the Minutes (or lack thereof), and we were given a commitment by the then Deputy Chair (Erhan Karabardak) that things would change.

Yet, here we are in October, and as you can see below, nothing has been published for the Board Meetings held in August.

I wrote to Erhan, Cameron Boardman and Di Parker on Tuesday, and I received an almost instant reply from Erhan. He apologised, and then said in part:

“I understand that the 6 September minutes will be posted today. Due to the high frequency of meetings and large workload in August we are still processing the minutes. I anticipate that the 21 August minutes will also be posted this week.

We aim to get minutes up as soon as we can, but we also have to be mindful to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.”

This isn’t good enough auDA. We are a membership organisation, and members are entitled to know what is being discussed by their Board (in a timely fashion).

Upcoming AGM

Following the members Special General Meeting, this year’s AGM is going to be more important than ever.

♦ There are plenty of candidates already positioning themselves for the 4 Director positions that will become vacant.

♦ I hope that the Board allows at least 2 hours for questions from members, because we are going to have lots.

♦ And as I wrote in my last “snippets”, if auDA intends putting up some special resolutions, it would be my constructive advice to put these up long before the AGM to get some feedback. Otherwise, you might see them voted down again!

Membership Applications

The auDA Board have at last approved outstanding membership applications. Some of these have been in the system for months (as I wrote back on 26th September).

Did they do the right thing and backdate them from the time of application and payment? No they did not. Shame on them. These members have effectively been disenfranchised from voting at the AGM next month.

I know of two affected members that have (or are intending to) written to the Minister of the Department of Communications and the Arts to make a formal complaint.

auDA, please do the right thing and reverse your decision. Show members that you do care; and that you are indeed listening.

Ned O’Meara – 19th September 2017


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