Should auDA Have An Independent Ombudsman?

If you have a problem with your electricity or gas supplier – or your phone or internet provider – and their management and staff decide you are wrong, you can take your concerns to an independent Ombudsman. You may not be successful, but it offers some sort of safeguard that you are being treated fairly.

Does auDA the Aussie domain name regulator have an independent ombudsman? Unfortunately not.

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auDRP Complaint Denied On

In what is welcome news for domain investors, registrants and entrepreneurs, a 3 Member WIPO Panel has just unanimously decided in favour of the legitimate Registrant of this generic domain name. This was despite a Complainant (with deep pockets) instructing Minter Ellison to go after the domain.

Domainer has highlighted some quotes – as well as including the full decision.

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New Beginnings

In 2018, I sold Domainer to Robert Kaay. I’d had enough of a lot of things, and I knew that Rob would well and truly carry the torch in his own way.

Then, after nearly 3 years, fate and timing intervened (as it often does), and after a quick chat and a cyber handshake with Rob, I have Domainer back again.

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Expiring Domains – Competition Is Coming!

In what will be “music to the ears” of domain investors and other online entrepreneurs, Domainer can now reveal that development is well underway for a new drop catching platform quite aptly called

The team behind this venture comprises some well-respected and trusted industry veterans.

Domainer has been told that the momentum behind this new platform was as a result of Trellian (owners of buying out Netfleet, and effectively creating a monopoly in the .au market place.

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Everything Is For Sale

The clock is definitely ticking louder for me, so the time has come to seriously trim my portfolio.

I am putting up a private website that is going to list at least 10 domains daily. This should be ready in the next two weeks.

As anyone who has dealt with me in the past can testify, my pricing has always been very generous. And it is going to be even more so now. I’m a domainer by nature, and my modus operandi has always been to turn over and trade my stock.

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