Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: Edition 4

.au domains

AusRegistry released the fourth edition of their .au domain industry magazine, ‘Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain’ on 17 August 2015.

This bumper edition includes the results from the 2015 Annual Survey.

There are lots of good insights in this release, for example I found the international ccTLD comparison quite interesting (see excerpt below, click on the image for a larger version).

I was surprised that Australia had the same number of registrations as France, a country that has a population almost three times larger than Australia. I also expected that Italy, Spain and Canada would have higher registration numbers than Australia. I think this demonstrates just how pervasive .au is in Australia.

International ccTLD comparison

Excerpt from Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain, Edition 4, August 2015