Boxing Day Sale – Domain Names

If you can’t beat them – then join them. 🙂

There are a lot of “bricks and mortar” and online sales happening today, so I thought I’d be creative and jump on the bandwagon.

Except I’m going to do it with domain names.

Here’s The Offer

I’m prepared to sell 20 domain names from my extensive portfolio – and I’m willing to do unheard of bargains. These 20 domains will be sold at absolute wholesale prices.

So I’ll let them go at original invoice cost plus 10% + GST – or if it is a real “cheapie”, then it will be $300 + GST (whichever is the higher of the two calculations).

If you want so see what’s on offer, please send me an email!

Some Examples

For those of you who follow the drop auctions, you’ll probably know some of the domains I’ve purchased.

For those that don’t, I have thousands of domains in many and various niches.

Such as:

  • Popular tourist locations like;;; and
  • Vibrant suburbs like; or
  • Powerful generics like;; and
  • Premium 3 letter domains like;; and
  • Occupational / Business like;; and

And many. many more …

Terms & Conditions

  • First in, best dressed. That is at my sole determination.
  • Some domain names may not be for sale due to development plans – that will be at my total discretion.
  • Payment is by EFT – or if I know you, I’m prepared to accept credit card via PayPal provided you pay the fees.
  • Tax Invoice will be issued – proof of payment must be received by Monday 28 December 2015.
  • Change of Registrant fee is $25 (per domain) on top of purchase price.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want an absolute bargain, then please get in touch today.


Sale extended through to 8pm on Monday 28th December. People have picked up some great domains very cheaply! Don’t miss out! 🙂