Brilliant Use Of A 3L Domain Name

This is a perfect example of why a 3L domain is so powerful.

The owners of Platinum Event Cars recently purchased the domain name for their business in Canberra. They also have the full-length version – All bases covered!

Given that so much search is done via mobile these days, a short domain is far preferable to a long one. They are also fantastic for email addresses.

Most importantly though, 3L domains are so unique – there will only ever be one

However, the absolute beauty of a 3L acronym domain is that it can always be re-sold – there are plenty of other uses. Think of all the words that start with the letter “P”. Some examples are:

  • Perth
  • Professional
  • Pets
  • Platinum
  • Psychologist
  • Property
  • Private
  • Premium
  • Power
  • Positive
  • Portable
  • Pools
  • Poker
  • Plumbers

And the list goes on …

Ned O’Meara – 18th January 2018