Candidates For auDA Election

Just in the nick of statutory time limits, auDA yesterday sent to members the formal “Notice of auDA 2017 Annual General Meeting”.

auDA seemed to have not learnt a thing from last year’s defeat of a Special Resolution – nor the lessons they got earlier this year from the members Special General Meeting. They have included a Special Resolution to amend the Constitution with a “Fit and Proper Persons Test”. This is what I wrote in my “auDA Snippets” back on 19th September:

“given what happened at last year’s AGM (when a special resolution was voted down by Demand Class), it would be my constructive advice to put up the proposed resolutions long before the AGM to get some feedback. As I wrote last year in “Why auDA Lost The Vote” “:

“If you take the voters / members for granted; and you don’t sell the case properly; don’t expect to get your agenda passed.”

More on this in a separate post later today.


Politics is alive and well at Level 17, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne. Grant Wiltshire from Ballarat is a current sitting Demand Class Director at the end of his 2 year term. He has decided not to re-contest Demand Class – instead he switches to the relative safety of Supply Class where there are only 3 candidates standing.

It’s interesting to see who proposed Grant – it’s none other than Domo Digital Pty Ltd (nominee is Erhan Karabardak, Interim Chair of auDA). Seconded by 1300 Web Pro which is James Deck’s company. James is also running as a Supply Class Candidate, so it’s probably fair to assume that Grant and he are running mates. And who seconded James Deck? Good old Joe Manariti (current Supply Class Director).

Hmmmm …. draw your own conclusions.

Demand Class will be an interesting tussle. There are 5 good candidates standing for the 2 positions. Good luck everyone!


I’m really disappointed that Gavin Gibson didn’t re-contest a Supply Class position. In February this year, the auDA Board selected him to fill the Casual Vacancy when Kartic Srinivasan resigned.  In my opinion, he’s a good guy (for a Supply person!) – and his decency and common sense will be sorely missed on the Board.

George Pongas is also not re-contesting in Supply. Whilst that is understandable given that he’s been a Director for 3 terms (six years), his departure will also be a sad loss in experience. Whilst George and I have had disagreements in the past about direct registrations, he is a good guy – and very smart too!

Without wishing to pre-determine the result, it looks as though the two likely victors in Supply will be welcomed by the “back-room boys”.

Ned O’Meara – 6th November 2017