.au Direct Registrations – Snippet 1

Welcome to the first of many “snippets” about the impending introduction by auDA (the Australian domain name regulator) of .au direct registrations in March 2022.

Many people I have spoken to believe them to be no more than an income generating exercise for the supply side of our domain ecosystem e.g. auDA itself; then Afilias (the registry); then all of auDA’s registrars.

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Breaking News – Afilias / auDA

In the latest round of international musical chairs (acquisitions and takeovers), Donuts,Inc has acquired Afilias, Inc. Afilias, Inc is the parent company of the Australian Registry Operator “Afilias Australia”. auDA has issued a statement this morning saying that they have “commenced a formal due diligence process to inform its decision regarding consent”.

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Them’s The auDA Rules (Part 2 – Rorts!)

There is a rort going on, and it involves ineligible entities and people registering .org.au domain names when they are not supposed to. They are not following auDA rules, and the regulator seems to be letting them get away with it.

auDA needs to concentrate their compliance weapons on those doing the most damage.

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