Domainer Show – Episode 36 – auDRP and Market Update

Rob and Ed return for a much missed Domainer Show!

They discuss the and auDRP Complaint verdicts. They highlight how the Complainant (Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd) actually made the original complaint against a long standing registrant and got the domain name deleted by auDA! They also talk about how best to defend yourself against auDRPs under the new licensing rules.

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Coming Soon On Domainer

In no particular order, this is what’s coming up soon on Domainer.

The Domainer Show returns with a special episode about defending the recent auDRP on

And quite a few “tips and tricks” that I have learnt about buying, selling and managing domain names in Australia.

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auDRP Complaint Denied On

In what is welcome news for domain investors, registrants and entrepreneurs, a 3 Member WIPO Panel has just unanimously decided in favour of the legitimate Registrant of this generic domain name. This was despite a Complainant (with deep pockets) instructing Minter Ellison to go after the domain.

Domainer has highlighted some quotes – as well as including the full decision.

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Was This An Attempt At “Highway Robbery”?

The City of Parramatta Council (“The Council”) was last week officially found “guilty” of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking with regards the domain name For those that may not know what that means, in simple terms, they filed a dispute / complaint against the long standing registrant of this valuable premium domain name in order to try and have it transferred to them for free! And they lost spectacularly.

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