Comments On Articles

Having run a forum previously (DNTrade), I’m very aware that some people like to comment anonymously.

Others don’t have a problem in putting there name or identity out there.

And sometimes, you get people who engage in a combination of the two! 😉

I don’t have a problem with any of the above (provided of course that the content isn’t defamatory).

Legal Issues

As the publisher and webmaster of, I can be held responsible for all material posted here – even comments.

So just to clarify what I will and won’t accept with regards “comments”:

  • Happy for you to be anonymous – though I appreciate those that are willing to identify themselves.
  • Happy for you to respectfully disagree with anyone (even me)!
  • Happy for you to push your own barrow.
  • However, if you choose to make a comment with a non-resolving email address, then you won’t even get to first base because it won’t be published.

This email address is visible only to me as the publisher, and you have my assurance that this will never be disclosed to anyone (unless required by law). The system does capture IP addresses automatically.

Now I know that I can tick the box on the WordPress settings that require “Users” to be registered and logged in to comment, but to date I’ve chosen not to do that.

Best wishes, Ned