Purchased by Microsoft To Avoid Security Breach

Domain name was just sold to Microsoft for an undisclosed amount likely greater than the $1.7 million asking price that the owner was originally asking for it.

Recently we talked about how Mike O’Connor, the owner of the domain name for 26 years, was selling his domain that could potentially be used by malicious actors because of a potential security breach it created.

The domain name presented an opportunity for someone to take advantage of a security flaw in old Microsoft systems. Due to a default setting set up years ago in Windows, received massive traffic that represented potential massive security breaches.

Windows computers were potentially sending sensitive and private data to because of a name collision issue. Microsoft used as a default setting. The result was a lot of potentially leaked data with many internal networks sending the domain name traffic. 

Microsoft finally spent the money needed to grab the domain name from O’Connor. Which was likely a wise security investment and will help them understand name collisions in their systems in the future.