Cyber Monday

In Sydney today, and there’s lots happening!


What an apt day to have the auDA AGM! Looking forward to catching up with fellow members and friends. I’m also glad to have the opportunity at last to ask the auDA Board some deep and meaningful questions in a couple of hours time. Hope the Directors are all prepared to engage forthrightly and transparently.

Good luck again to Shane and Tim who are the definite frontrunners to take one of the Demand Class positions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they both got up!

Domain Sale

Fancy any of my domain names? Perhaps I have beaten you on the drops in recent times?

Today only, if there is any domain of mine that you particularly covet, then please make me an offer. It’s also my birthday week, so this makes me in a very generous mood.

Please email me directly. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Ned O’Meara – 28th November 2016


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    November 28, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    The big news from the auDA AGM was the auDA CEO Cameron Boardman stating on the record the proposed additional .au extension can be stopped if the new auDA board votes so.  He just acts on their decisions. Actually I think he may have the power to overrule them in certain circumstances but that’s another topic.

    This is the first time this statement has been made on the record.

    I do hope auDA has taken note that all existing 3  millions registrants deserve more information, better surveys and to be notified of such as major proposed change and how it will be implemented if it did go ahead.

    Now auDA knows of the failure of the .UK and .NZ extensions from the official reports and registration, renewal and drop off statistics they have a very real serious risk exposure to not take a few step backs and make an official statement they will review the decision of another ,au extension and call for more input to make sure best practice procedures have been followed.

    Old auDA board members may do well to read the additional information online and be open to rethinking their yes votes for another .au extension they may have cast previously. Many people feel they where not provided all the facts and they would have voted No had they been better informed.

    auDA failed when it tried  to introduce and even give away 50,000 and there is NO demand for another .au extension besides what has been falsely generated by very yes leading surveys and yes only survey stacking including by a prominent auDA board Supply member. auDA has noted the large campaign done for a yes only vote by this registrar and their associated entities.

    I do hope all Candidates continue to speak out on the issue of another proposed .au extension and do not give up to stop it even if they lost the election. Show people you are in it for the long and believe what you stated.

    As much have some will try to bring this in by stealth they are being very closely watched by many now more than ever.

    … amazing to hear auDA has never had a “leave policy “or proper expenses or tendering  policy etc. This seems to explain the tens of millions “blown” over the years of Australian domain name registrant money.

    At least the auDA first class travel has also stopped apparently.. good work to Cameron and a few others for finally getting this charade and gravy train slowed down if not stopped. but wow the auDA expenses are amazing to read and dig deeper into. Someone people really must have done very well from it over the years.. no wonder they are now upset they have been offloaded from the old auDA / ( and Icann junkets etc ) gravy train.


    Lets also hope the tender for the Australian domain name registry is an open public tender and it goes to a 100% owned Australian organisation without any foreign owners. Our national security, critical infrastructure and also the profits should stay in Australia not be risked and sent offshore.  The threats of a DDOS attack on Australia via an attack on a foreign owned registry are too great for Australia to risk and we must prepare ourselves plus have a 100% Australian owned and located secure back up.

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