Daily Snippets – 18 February

Here is a round up of some “stuff” that you may find interesting.

Best Way To Buy Or Sell Domains …

Over the years, I have tried and tested so many ways of responding to people who have emailed me about a domain name.

Same goes with buying domains.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no better way than actually engaging people on the phone. The fact is when someone sends you a half-decent opening offer on a domain, you know that they have a genuine desire for the domain. But back and forth emails might not get you to that mutually acceptable result. I’ve noticed that along the way, people tend to “drop off”.

Whilst I totally understand that some people aren’t comfortable with using the phone, I would urge you to give it a try!

These are the benefits:

  • Saves heaps of time – no endless back and forth of emails.
  • You can establish rapport on the phone (which you can’t on an email).
  • It’s a proven fact that people find it easy to say “no” via email – but in person, it is a different situation.

Prime example in reverse:

I got a phone call earlier this week out of the blue from a prospective purchaser for a 3 letter domain. I asked how he got my phone number, and he said off LinkedIn! We chatted for about 10 minutes – and ended up doing a deal. The sale has been completed.

If I was doing this by email, it would have taken much longer, and I might not have got my price.

What’s Happening On The Drops

The top purchase yesterday was a hyphenated domain – online-courses.com.au selling for $500 plus / plus on Netfleet. No bids on Drop. The buyer is someone very active in this space.

Next up was placement.com.au for $346 ++. Netfleet were successful again. No bid on Drop, but knowing the buyer, there would have been a bid on Domain Shield.

But the most interesting news for me was the sale of itn.com.au. There were “no bids” on Netfleet, but this is because they had a back-order. Fortunately for their buyer, they were successful!

Website Of The Day

Read this great article in The Washington Post today. I became aware of it via some of my network contacts posting about it on LinkedIn.

“A website offered to pay for weddings. Then it came time to write the check”.

Have a read; and have a laugh. 😀

But there are also some serious lessons to be learnt!


If you have any comments on any of the above, I’d love to hear them.

Should you have any suggestions for future stories – or any “hot news”, please let me know.

Best wishes for your online success. 🙂

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    February 18, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    There’s no tone in email. Phone is always better. People often think I’m angry in my emails! It might have something to do with all the exclamation marks I love to use!!

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