Daily Snippets – 20 February

Here is a round up of some “stuff” that you may find interesting.

Flippa – this really makes me wonder …

I previously wrote this article about selling domains on Flippa (Reflection 3). Wasn’t particularly impressed by results – or the potential to “harm” a domain name.

The domain I mentioned in particular was Boy.com.au. It has just been relisted for the third or fourth time on Flippa. When it first came to my attention it closed at $US315 with 5 bids; then the next attempt only just cracked $US200 (about 5 days ago).

I emailed the seller (who I don’t know), and asked why he was trying to continuously flog such a good domain on Flippa. His reply was: that he was patient… and that he’ll get his price eventually.

Now I see it re-listed again on Flippa.

And forgive me for appearing cynical, but this time around there is an opening bid of $US500 (“Bidder 1 is a new user without transaction history”).

Seriously? I might be wrong, but it smells funny. (Just to clarify that comment, I believe the domain is worth more than $500 – what I’m questioning is the bidding history).

Flippa Boycomau

What’s Happening On The Drops

The top purchase yesterday was spam.com.au selling for $1956 plus / plus on Netfleet. The bid on Drop was just $301.  Buyer was a well known IP lawyer. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with this domain.

Next up was fakelawn.com.au for $450 ++. Netfleet were successful again. Bid on Drop was for just $1.

Then followed uniscreen.com.au for $300 + + – again Netfleet. No bid on Drop. Sold to an enduser.

Netfleet is continuing its dominance in dropcatching success – of the 19 domains bid for on their platform yesterday, they caught 16.

Website Of The Day

Wanted to give a plug for one of my favourite Australian bloggers.

Tim Denning’s day job is as “Associate Director Global eCommerce & Advisory at the N.A.B.” According to his LinkedIn profile, this involves “Helping Business with Online Strategy / Cashflow and Providing Advice to Entrepreneurs”.

But he is also a guest author at Addicted2Success. This site has over 3 MILLION VIEWS per month – and was founded by an Aussie (Joel Brown). This is one fantastic resource which is well worth bookmarking or subscribing to.

Have a read of this great article that Tim recently wrote about blogging. He writes really well.


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