Daily Snippets – 25 February

Here is a roundup of some snippets that I hope you find interesting.

Hosting In Australia

With some of the current and upcoming projects I have on the go, it was time for me to look for a better option than “shared hosting”.

The sensible option seemed to be VPS Hosting.

Given that I’m not a “technical person”, I wanted to make sure that whoever I went with had a product that was going to be easily manageable without any stress. And I was prepared to pay extra to achieve this.

I had a shortlist of three providers, and in the end I went with Crucial. They offered a Managed VPS product with a concierge and phone support! This is how they describe their service:

“You’d rather leave hosting to the experts and focus on running your business. Complete peace of mind”.

The concierge is my “very own account manager and single point of contact, who handles the on boarding and migration to Crucial”.

I’ll let you know how it all goes – but so far so good! 🙂

What’s Happening On The Drops

As you can see, Netfleet had a good day at the office yesterday.

I was fortunate to pick up GDL.com.au for that price. What really surprised me was that there was a top bid of $500 on Drop.com.au (5 bidders) which was not replicated on NF.

The other domain that I thought an excellent buy was Hombre.com.au. Great brandable. Congrats Greg.

Netfleet Drops 25 Feb


Website Of The Day

I’m a great fan of SmartCompany. Some of their content is simply amazing, and what’s more, it’s relevant to Australia. One of their latest articles is a total resource within itself:

Australia’s Best Business Blogs: 2016

“These are the blogs we think offer some of the best free advice for small business owners in a range of areas – from human resources and leadership to content marketing and design.

Some of these blogs have appeared on our lists in previous years; we think they continue to provide valuable insights and tips for small business owners. But there are new faces on this year’s list too, some of which cover sectors such as digital marketing that are becoming increasingly important for business owners”.

There are some beauties on here – hope you find something useful!

Motivational Quote Of The Day

I love my daily dose of motivation, so thought I’d make this a regular feature of Domainer.com.au.

“You get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar



If you have any comments on any of the above, I’d love to hear them.

Should you have any suggestions for future stories – or any “hot news”, please let me know.

Best wishes for your online success. 🙂