Daily Snippets – 9 March

Here are some snippets about the domain name industry (and other stuff) that I hope you find interesting.

Netfleet Changes

Following my story yesterday which announced the sudden resignation of Jonathan Gleeson as General Manager of Netfleet, I reached out to Bruce Tonkin to get his comment. For those not in the know, Bruce is a highly regarded senior executive at Melbourne IT – and is a Director of NETALLIANCE PTY LIMITED (which is the entity that owns Netfleet). I have always found him to be a total straight-shooter.

Bruce is attending the ICANN meeting in Morocco at the moment (he is Vice-Chair of the ICANN Board), so he was unable to have a chat at this point. However, he did confirm that “a new person is being appointed”. I hope to have more info next week.

All I hope is that in the interim, old habits don’t return.


Parking Revenue

As mentioned previously, I “park” most of my domains with Fabulous. These days no one is ever going to get rich from parking revenue, however it is a convenient means to an end.

Under auDA policy, domain monetisation qualifies for ticking the old “close and substantial connection” box. So having a Fabulous lander helps me comply with auDA requirements (until such time as I either develop or sell the domains).

Yesterday I had a few nice “clicks” – check these out!

findaloan.com.au – 1 click for $12.11 (and this is a domain that I wrote about here).

adelaidemassage.com.au – 3 clicks for $9.58

healthfund.com.au – 1 click for $9.49

And then there are domains like these that earn me a little money while I sleep!

cheapinsurance.com.au1 click for $4.27

gardenshedsperth.com.au – 1 click for $3.49

gotjunk.com.au – 2 clicks for $2.28

As a final thought, the hugely successful Frank Schilling maintains that the best form of “domain monetisation” is actually when you sell your domains. I concur!


What’s Happening On The Drops

There were 25 contested domains on Netfleet yesterday – and they won 22 of them.

Top domain on NF was perthairportparking.com.au for $351 +/+. The bid on Drop for this domain was just $129.

What I did find very interesting was that there were no bids for greatwall.com.au on Netfleet – yet as you can see below, there were 6 bidders on Drop!

screenshot-www drop com au 2016-03-09 09-15-33


Website Of The Day

Going to give one of my previous articles a plug today.

“Follow The Money” was one of the most widely read. Also had heaps of comments – and it certainly touched a few raw nerves.

Without naming individuals, I was basically abused by a couple of people in particular. In a sense, I felt like I was being bullied and threatened. I’m all for passionate debate and freedom of speech – so please respect my right to an opinion (as I respect yours).


Motivational Quote Of The Day

“I learned that a long walk and calm conversation are an incredible combination if you want to build a bridge.” – Seth Godin



If you have any comments on any of the above, as always I’d love to hear them. 🙂