Dan.com Gets Venture Funding

DAN.com has partnered with IBM and IBM Business Partner Unchain to create better process automation and efficiency in the domain name marketplace. In 2019, through the use of IBM Blockchain technology, DAN.com created a way to automate previously manual processes within the domain name registration process. This included things like transferring a domain name from one registrar and registrant to another. 

On February 7th, DAN.com announced that it had raised multi-millions in funding from a Series A round led by Airbridge Equity Partners. The total amount of funding hasn’t been reported yet. And the deal makes Airbridge a partial owner of DAN with their investment. 

DAN CEO Reze Sardeha said “We took this investment to significantly accelerate our product development and to professionalize our organization on all fronts. The vision of the company as described in this blog post hasn’t changed and so the investment will be used to introduce everything we describe in our post ranging from our own integrated registrar to launching the only real open distribution network for domains.”

The founder of Airbridge Equity Partners, Rick van Boekel, said of their investment that “DAN’s game-changing network allows making a change of control and ownership of digital domains easier, safer and instant. Their use of blockchain technology enables to automate processes required to provide trust-less domain transfers, also referred to as escrow. Escrow automation also makes it possible to introduce new domain purchases and use models like renting domains, lease to own & fractional domain ownership in a scalable and frictionless way.”

Van Boekel finished by stating “We wish Reza Sardeha and his team a lot of success building out the company further and disrupt the domain industry through process automation and rolling out new technologies by using blockchain and escrow automation.”