DNTrade filters and protects its “crew”

David Priest Bacon Farmer Domain Name

Pictured: Bacon Farmer aka David Priest

Last night an infamous domain industry agitator called Bacon Farmer attacked a professional domain investor on the now-clearly-toxic DNTrade Forum, for not agreeing with his viewpoint.

Bacon Farmer (aka David Priest) made so many childish comments to the industry veteran (we have the screenshots), that the domain investor must have seen no other option than to publicly post David Priest’s entire portfolio of 38 domain names.

If his intention was to show that David Priest is not a serious domainer, it looks like he proved his point.

As soon as I was alerted to this post by email (Like many others, I stopped reading DNTrade years ago due to all the one-sided negativity), I took a screenshot of the publicly viewable post.


Within minutes, the DNTrade moderators took the post down, as well as all posts that spoke out against “Bacon Farmer”. They did, however, leave Bacon Farmer’s posts up on the original thread.

It’s quite clear that DNTrade moderators heavily protect and sensor their very small group of loud-spoken “DNTrade Crew” members against any public scrutiny.





5 thoughts on “DNTrade filters and protects its “crew”

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    September 4, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    Thanks for exposing this Robert. Unfortunately the once mighty DnTrade has become a wasp’s nest. It no longer fosters healthy discussion and debate but is solely focused on bullying and negativity. It actually hurts the market and our investments in .au domain names. To make things worse people are now being censored for taking on the ‘crew’.

    We are all sick of hearing about AUDA stuff, I prefer to talk about domain names not politics.

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  • tim
    September 4, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    did you read the entire thread ? comments regarding dnt sensoring are BS, in fact i find dnt very OPEN to letting debates fly but this was not a productive debate being one that read every post, it was a total s**tfight not keeping with the spirit of dnt imo, i was the one that asked dnt admin to review the thread and support there decision. i did not ask them to take action just that they should be aware of it.

    i find it hilarious that sasha said BF was hiding behind an avatar , did sasha search ” domain names owned by bacon farmer” ? and then you here you naming david!!!!!!

    it wasn’t sensorship it was just getting rid of a worthless thread of ” mines bigger then yours”

    can you tell me ” chair of the DIWG ” when does someone become a “serious domainer ” ? whats your criteria ? “…..he proved his point…. , hmmm , not a good start to objectivity of a focus group !

    will this play a role in what submissions you pay attention to that you get to the DIWG about implementation?





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    September 4, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    rubbish names! I used to visit dntrade but the bacon lover thinks hes all high & mighty. turns out it doesnt look like he knows what hes doing. wonder how many people listened to his opinions?

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    September 4, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    And… here we go.

    One of the “DNTrade Crew” coming over to protect his own.

    To protect a guy who degrades and bullies anyone who speaks an opinion opposite his own, or Snoopy’s (Paul Shaw).

    Face it Tim, DNTrade used to be good back in the day. I remember first hopping on about 5 years ago. 30-40 people used to regularly comment. Now it’s just the same 5 “Crew” commenting and moaning day after day after day until…. no one cares or listens to you guys anymore.

    All the “real” domainers and investors left. A long time ago.

    Sure, there are some topics that need to be addressed, but you guys have done it THE WRONG WAY and have actually caused MORE DAMAGE than good to this industry. Take a breath for once in your lives and a hard look at yourselves!

    You BECOME who you ASSOCIATE with.

    Which is why many many people left that place.

    As Sasha said last night, probably better just to phone each other at this point. And normally Sasha and I don’t agree on much! But I can agree with this.

    Hence why we have had to form the DIWG. It was about time a professional group was formed, and many of us were discussing how to do it, in a way that didn’t publicly humiliate itself before the right filtered message could be delivered.

    The DIWG stands for “Domain Investors” and is a legitimate professional group of people. It’s very clear the type of people who aren’t professional domain investors or domainers, who can’t see positive future progress, who aren’t capable of change, who can’t be constructive and who’s voice would misrepresent and water down our message by taking us in the wrong direction.

    For everyone else, all the legitimate domainers and investors who’ve been seeking shelter from the drama, and all new domainers who are just getting started, we’d love to continue to hear from you via phone and email.





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    September 5, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Nice post Rob.  This kind of ridiculing is become so prevalent these days in so many areas.  I hate to ‘group classify’, (this is not a good thing I know) but is it perhaps our young millennials who harbour this kind of bad attitude due to their lack of a proper education or any discipline as they were growing up.

    We’re just starting to see the damage of the bubble wrapped generation coming from ‘not offending’ and giving everyone participation trophies so no one gets upset, and not smacking kids when they do something wrong.

    So many seem to have no idea about putting in some kind of effort, or build up a reputation, or that life’s struggles are tough, but they come with a silver lining which includes building character.  That thing which helps you be more understanding and forgiving of others mistakes etc.

    Politically correct, free hand outs, less working hours, more pay – just let me be comfortable and I won’t get in your face, but if you disagree with me or expect me to think (think? what’s that?) about why I feel I’m entitled then I’m going to really lash out and give you a mouthful of insults or I’ll assassinate your character  before I give you anything resembling a sensible argument.  And hey I’m really tough – I have a lot of powerful words I can throw at you.   I can call you a bigot, nazi, homophobe, Islamophobe white privileged male piece of trash and I just know that will shut you down because that gives you zero right to have an opinion.

    What amuses me is that they actually believe this is effective discussion.  Just keep an eye out for it – there is a pattern and you even see it in the media – name calling and character assassination (ridiculing others) is their ‘humour’ and for the most part, the only argument they ever have.

    Much like a 3 year old having a tantrum.  They’re just noisy and making a fool of themselves.

    Sad really.

    (sorry for the rant)

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