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Having recently been the owner of three Aussie domain registrars for 7 very short weeks, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is so frustrating and stressful than when one of your sites has a technical glitch.

Besides the one I owned briefly (Drop); the other two dropcatchers (Netfleet and DomainShield) have also experienced a range of niggly problems over the past couple of weeks. Domainers / domain investors tend to become very crotchety when things go wrong – or if they don’t have all the normal tools at their disposal!

There Is Always Someone Worse Off

Spare a thought for Enetica customers. You know it is a BIG issue when auDA gets involved; and when the registrar’s access to the registry is suspended.

This excerpt is from auDA’s first announcement on the 24th March:

“auDA is aware of a disruption to service with the registrar Enetica and its associated companies. We want to assure you that auDA is working with the registry (Ausregistry) and is seeking clarification from the registrar (Enetica) in order to understand the cause and expected duration of the outage.

As a precautionary security measure we have suspended Enetica’s access to the registry.”

Top marks to auDA though for their “rapid response” – they have a team working this weekend to facilitate transfer requests.

This is from their second announcement:

“auDA are in regular contact with Enetica, who are working hard to resolve the issues causing the outage at their end.

In the meantime, auDA will assist Enetica customers in obtaining their domain name password to facilitate a transfer of their domain name to another registrar, if they wish. 

The application form and process to undertake this, is available here.

auDA’s compliance team will be working over the weekend to process the requests sent to [email protected] as quickly as possible – it’s an email only service.”

There is a huge thread on this issue at Whirlpool, and as you can expect, many people are very unhappy.

I wish everyone well during this stressful time.