Domain Name Birthday Sale!

I’ve done this every year for a long time!

Many people have benefitted greatly from my generosity at this time of the year. 🙂

So if you are looking for some absolute bargains on Aussie domain names, please hit me up privately until Monday 7th December 2020.

What’s on Offer?

Simple answer is just about everything.

But in particular, I’m happy to sell off packages of 3 Letter domains at bargain basement prices. I believe I would have one of the better portfolios of these in Australia.

As we have seen from both expired auctions and aftermarket sales, values on 3L domains are skyrocketing. They are simply a fantastic investment.

Please Note

  • Whilst I’m very keen to sell some names, please don’t ask me to send my entire list of domain names.
  • If you have specific niches or keywords that you’re interested in, then I’m happy to pull you a list (could take some time though!).
  • Or there might simply be a domain or two that you know I have. That’s easy.
  • The exception to the above is lists of 3L domains – I’m happy to send you a few hundred to choose from.
  • As always, first in; best dressed. 🙂

So don’t delay – please hit me up. Offer finishes on Monday 7th December 2020.