Domainer Show – Blast from the Past with Michael & David Castello

In this podcast series we are calling Domainer Show – Blast from the Past, we are going back to some podcast interviews Ed did on his OzDomainer Show from 2008 up to 2014 with some amazing global domaining legends such as Michael & David Castello, Rick Schwartz, Mike Mann, Frank Schilling, Ron Jackson, Elliot Silver, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and many more.

Their stories are timeless and the principles of domain buying still hold true to this day.

There is a wealth of information and experience captured in these interviews and we hope you get as much from them as we do / did! 🙂

Well I have been wanting to interview these guys since I first had the idea of doing some podcasts about domain names at Oz Domainer and what a treat it was!

According to Michael it was the first time that both himself & David had been recorded together for an interview.

Michael & David Castello (Michael on the left & David on the right of photo (Picture courtesy of Ron Jackson from are great guys with a huge depth of knowledge on domain names especially when it comes to Geo Domains.

They own through their company CCIN (Castello Cities Internet Network) some great names such as,, and many more which are also listed on the Associated Cities website that they joined back in 2004.

They also own some category killer generic domains such as,, &

Both have a great story to tell and a wealth of knowledge to share for those who are wise enough to listen. So if you have even the slightest interest in Geo Domains make sure you listen to this podcast.

Michael & David also won the 2008 Domainers Choice Award for both the Rising Star and Domain Ambassador categories at DomainFest 2008

Also check out this great video of the Castello Brothers in their Rock Band Michael Seven, you will see a side to them that you may not have seen before (Michael Lead Singer/Guitar & David on Drums). Great stuff!!

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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