Domainer Show – Episode 11 with Fred Schebesta, founder of

On Episode 11 of the Domainer Show, Rob and Ed talk with the co-founder Fred Schebesta!

Fred Schebesta co-founded in 2009, then re-branded to in 2012, purchasing the domain name for around $50,000. 18 months later, he went ALL-IN and purchased the domain name for over $500,000 Australia dollars.

Here’s where you can find the best bits of this highly intriguing interview:

  • Fred learns how to make a MySQL database [3:00]
  • The birth of was [4:30]
  • Expanding to purchase for $500,000 [13:00]
  • When your future depends on your matching .com domain [17:50]
  • How can you justify $500,000 on a domain name as an investment? [19:00]
  • How much work is involved when expanding to an international company? [21:00]
  • Ed stumps Fred [22:50]
  • Rob talks about attending StartCon 2018 [25:20]
  • – Fred’s Cryptocurrency Brokerage Site [26:30]
  • Selling $10 million worth of Etherium Crypto in 20 minutes [27:20]
  • How Fred’s ideas form and the steps involved in building a business [29:30]
  • What happens if you’re not a coder? How do you create a successful online business in this day and age? [32:00]

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