Domainer Show – Episode 24 with Josh Reason from

Josh Reason helps companies across the world set themselves up for success with the right domain name. Apart from ‘.com’, he’s also an expert in advising on alternate TLDs including ‘.co’ and ‘.io’ extensions.

Josh has also created (Domain Name Wholesale Exchange), where Domainers can buy and sell domain names in an easy to use wholesale aftermarket platform.

Josh is also the host of the popular domain name podcast at

One thing you didn’t know, that you’ll soon find out, is that Josh also used to be a professional sportsman!

Enjoy the show!

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One thought on “Domainer Show – Episode 24 with Josh Reason from

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    October 14, 2020 at 11:53 am

    Great interview.

    It is definitely the case that more Australian companies are choosing .com. A lot now have a very international focus and may not even need the, tech co’s like Atlassian for example, banks, telco’s, cafes, .com is now everywhere in Aus. I would not say there is any overall “preference” for over .com any more,

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