Domainer Show – Episode 36 – auDRP and Market Update

Rob and Ed return for a much missed Domainer Show!

  • They discuss the and auDRP Complaint verdicts. They highlight how the Complainant (Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd) actually made the original complaint against a long standing registrant and got the domain name deleted by auDA! They also talk about how best to defend yourself against auDRPs under the new licensing rules.
  • They release the five-figure price of a great one-word generic domain they recently purchased for a client through DBR.
  • They tease about an upcoming seven-figure international domain name they’re about to try and sell and,
  • Last but not least, they tell us the name of the special guest who’s coming on the next Domainer Show.

As always, please tell us what you think of the show.

And is there anything special you’d like Rob and Ed to cover in the future?

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