Domainer Show – Episode 8

Ed and I return after concentrating on our DIWG (Domain Investor Working Group) roles over the past few weeks with Episode 8 of the Domainer Show!

We’re labelling today’s show a “hook” episode, in the way that we’re bound not to talk about certain subjects, yet somehow we manage to discuss them without really discussing them.

Today’s topics in order are as follows:

    • Massive changes to auDA Constitution and Membership Model (not an easy subject, but we struggle through!) (Starts at 0:50)
    • After 100 days since the Afilias .AU Domain Migration, and since 1-year registrations for domain names have been possible, TPP Wholesale have still not bothered to allow customers to choose this option. The bottom line is, TPP Wholesale are not giving people a choice and it seems unfair and frustrating to many. (Starts at 7:45)
    • What do you do when someone verbally agrees to sell you a domain name? But then… changes their mind, FOUR TIMES over FOUR DAYS?!?! (12:10)
    • We look at an ongoing auDRP case where it’s a clearcut example of a RDNH (Reverse Domain Name Hijacker) attempt on a one-word domain name… but the auDRP Panelist has just ruled IN FAVOUR of the Hijacker!! Case is ongoing and story is developing. (19:20)
    • We talk about, but don’t talk about how our Melbourne DIWG meeting went, from a few weeks ago. (33:45)
    • What is the Netpreneur Summit? It’s an online entrepreneur summit happening in Perth in a few weeks and Ed and Rob will be doing a live speaking event! Click HERE to buy your ticket! (36:00)

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4 thoughts on “Domainer Show – Episode 8

  • October 12, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Its not rocket science


    Renewal Rate – 70%

    total domains TPP have – 1000

    Average Price – $25

    Current model – $1000*70%*25 = $17,500

    1 Year Model (assuming everyone take it ) –

    Year 1 – Revenue = 1000*70%*12.5 = $8750

    Year 2 Revenue = 700( domains) *70%*12.5 = $6125

    Total Revenue – $14,875 ( diff of $2,625)


    It is not as simple calculation as above as portfolio holders have higher renewal rate ( have used average renewal rate)


    so the reason is


    1. Potential loss of revenue

    2. Cash flow ( Obviously money in the bank if better for TPP) than collect it every year

    3 – Admin cost for renewal – merchant fees *2 ,  Potential more credit card declines which cost more to chase up

  • October 12, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Hi Anonymous, and thanks for watching and for your comment.

    I know your username is notaTPPsupporter, but it does come across as though you are a supporter, which is fine. For all I know, perhaps you even have a TPP Wholesale t-shirt, and wear it around in public?

    You’ve successfully defended “why” TPP wouldn’t want to turn on 1-year regististrations for their own interests. But why not give their customers a choice, and probably, give their customers what they actually want?


    • October 12, 2018 at 10:45 am

      Hi Robert

      i have made my decision few years back and move out of TPP ( not because of 1 Year – because of other obvious reasons) – me  a supporter of TPP would be going a bit far 🙂 ….. and i dont have the TPP wholesale shirt 🙂

      regarding customer choice – i believe there is choice – move to another registrar ( which does not cost anything apart from the administrative work – first hand experience of it and i dont say its easy but can be done !!)

      my point was more why whinge about a company which does not offer services – move to a service which offers that


  • October 13, 2018 at 9:07 am

    Can I download the show as MP3? I want to listen to it offline if possible.

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