Drop.com.au threatens to sue me for defamation.

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, I recently had my lawyers write to Drop.com.au and state their ban of my access to the one and only Australian Drop Auctions Platform was in contravention of Australian Consumer Law and also breached the Registrar Agreement and auDA Code.

We stated that if they don’t reinstate my auction bidding account by Friday, we would be escalating complaints further with the appropriate authorities.

David Warmuz (Trellian CEO and owner of Drop.com.au) has just responded with the following:

As a private company, we reserve the right to provide or not services to anyone.

Unfortunately due to Mr Kaay’s constant defamatory attacks on Domainer.com.au, and constant breaches of our terms, our position on a continued limitation of his account is unchanged.

For Drop to even reconsider granting access, 1. all Defamatory articles and comments would need to be permanently deleted from domainer.com.au and any other site posted on, and 2. Mr Kaay would need to formally agree and adhere to not publish pricing of domain names as per the Drop terms, which is severely damaging our clients abilities to resell domain names that they acquire from Drop.com.au.

In the event that your client does not agree to remove all defamatory articles/comments, Drop will proceed with a defamation suit against your client, please confirm that you will be representing your client on this matter?

We reserve our rights.

Thank you.
David Warmuz

Dear David,

You haven’t had a problem with any Domainer article since May 2019 when Domainer called out Drop.com.au, for red-handed manipulation of the drop auctions with the Company.com.au domain. You’ve never notified me that I was banned for ‘Defamatory Articles’, or asked me to take any down, you’ve simply made this up at this moment. Now that I’ve given you a deadline to reinstate my account, all of a sudden you’re not happy with the articles? Some of them are over two years old?

  1. I invite you to list below (or email me) any articles featured on Domainer that you find ‘defamatory’ with your reasoning. I don’t believe you can, but if you can, I will happily remove them, and report their removal on this website. I am certain I can justify every article as ‘honest opinion’, consisting of ‘substantial truth’ made as a ‘matter of public interest and based on proper material’, but feel free to try and prove me wrong.
  2. There’s no chance I will agree to the new Drop terms (as they are) of not being able to talk about domain name sales prices on a public domain names sales auction platform. I don’t agree to unrealistic and unfair terms.

Do the right thing. Stop manipulating the drop auctions with your monopoly power. Remove or rework the new silly terms. Reinstate my bidding access. And let’s get on with domaining.

The deadline is this Friday.

3 thoughts on “Drop.com.au threatens to sue me for defamation.

  • August 17, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    Dear David Warmuz,

    In my opinion, I think it would be a very very wise business decision to give Rob his drop expired domain auction account back and let all of us promote what domains are selling for on Drop, it is good for everyone IMO.

    Why put and try put a muzzle on one of the top dogs in our industry?

    Why would you NOT want people promoting this like we have done for the past 10 years?

    You have many of the past top Drop sales prices listed on your website yourself. Why not let others promote them and Drop in the process too?? I am scratching my head on this one!

    We need to spend more time cross promoting and marketing and building this industry up, not poisoning it from the inside out.

    There is more than enough to go around for everyone, an abundance mentality is a far better way to exist IMO.

    The funny thing is, most people will think that the picture of the small guy being towered over by the giant is Rob as the little guy and Drop as the giant, I happen to think it is the other way around as Rob is the one standing his ground here and looking after the industry as a whole.

    Anyhoooo David, I hope calm heads and wise and fair business practices will prevail with this and things will get worked out for the betterment of all. Your reputation is EVERYTHING and all you are left with at the end of the day!

    Kind regards, a Drop client for the past 12 years.

    Ed Keay-Smith

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  • August 18, 2021 at 7:31 am

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  • August 18, 2021 at 7:40 am

    In Latest News: I’ve just found out Drop.com.au have had one of my domain names in auDRP lock FOR NO REASON and won’t let me renew or move the domain name to another Registrar. Story developing…


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