Enquiries Are Rampant!

Whilst there is some talk going on by domain investors about uncertainty in the market (due to possible introduction of direct registrations), I have found that the aftermarket is still buoyant.  My enquiries and sales in the last week have really been exceptional. This is probably because most people out there don’t know what’s going on. 😉

In my opinion, whatever ultimately happens with direct registrations, com.au is always going to be king. The reason why is that according to AusRegistry, approximately 86% of domain registrations in Australia are com.au. It is generally acknowledged that some form of “prior rights” are going to have to be offered to existing registrants. If we follow the UK model, com.au will be first in line; if it’s the NZ model, then at worst, com.au shouldn’t be gazumped by any other extension. The latter model does have its issues, and I think that early consensus seems to favour the UK model. Time will tell!

Some Recent Sales

In the last week, I have sold four 3 letter domains. Plus had enquiries on another three. These acronym domains are becoming more and more popular as businesses realise what lethal weapons they can be.

Unless it is obvious what they have been bought for, I always ask what the acronym will mean. One in particular that I sold was AOE.com.au. This was sold to a local Chinese businessman. When I asked him why he purchased it, he said as follows:

AOE is initial of the first letter of PINYIN which is a romanisation system for mandarin

Another very interesting sale (and negotiation) was TownsvilleEscorts.com.au. 😉

Best wishes for your online success!

Disclaimer by Ned O’Meara – Webmaster

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3 thoughts on “Enquiries Are Rampant!

  • May 18, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Common Ned you brokered a contra deal didn’t you for Townsvilleescorts.com.au ????

    I would imagined a payment plan would have been implimented over a several month period.



  • May 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    You always have loved a good contra deal Neddy 😉

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