Expired Auctions – Friday 14th October

expired-auctions-14-octMuch better day on the expired auctions. 27 contested domains on Netfleet – and they would have been extremely pleased to have only lost just one of those.

Top domain was igloo.com.au at $890 +/+ – interesting purchase this one. Really nice brandable, but if parking it, I would be very careful about the links – lots of trademarks! Next up was ngt.com.au (the only one that NF lost) – losing bid was $470 +/+. Was won on Drop.com.au for $499 +/+. There was also a nice pickup by an enduser for familylawadvice.com.au – sensational buying at just $301 +/+.

Some smart buying on 2L net.au domains – at these prices, you can’t go wrong imo.

Netfleet Results



As I always say, you have to cover your bases on all platforms. Today illustrates that point. Drop.com.au picked up ngt.com.au for $499 +/+.



A very quiet day for DS. Unusual for them.

No early bids on Drop – this tends to indicate that today might / should be reasonably quiet.

If you’re after a particular domain today; good luck! And as always:

  • Cover your bases on all platforms.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay!

I’ve had some time off this week, and haven’t been bidding. So you can all make hay while the sun shines. 😉

Ned O’Meara – 15th October 2016