Expired Auctions – Friday 28th October 2016

expired-auctions-28-oct-002Excellent day for DomainShield today – they really cleaned up against Netfleet. 12 contested domains on the NF platform; and they lost 8 of them.

That being said, it was a poor day generally speaking in terms of quality and quantity.

I spoke with Nikki from Netfleet to ask why they are not performing as they used to do, and she said they are working on it! They are obviously concerned with recent results. I think it’s great that DS are doing so well – I just wish Drop would pull their finger out! Competition is good.

Netfleet Results





Great results by taking 8 domains off Netfleet. Plus they no doubt would have won a number of uncontested domains.

All I’ve got to say about offerings coming up today is “yuck”!

Good prospecting.

Ned O’Meara – 29th October 2016