Expired Auctions – Monday 14th November 2016

expired-auctions-14-nov-002As forecasted, a quiet day! Netfleet again had a glitch in their reults – but Nikki from NF sent them through.

Donations to auDA, AusRegistry and the dropcatchers were the order of the day!

Netfleet Results

Result Result Best Offer $
glamourbridal.com.au lost 200
aij.com.au lost 168
pianoshop.com.au caught 111
rvw.com.au lost 101
crazyflights.com.au caught 111
bbqstore.com.au lost 68
adina.com.au caught 57
orchidology.com.au caught 51
brisbanebookkeeping.com.au caught 51
thewaterfrontcafe.com.au caught 28
bigwchristmas.com.au caught 15
stowaway.net.au lost 28
polarrevolution.com.au caught 28
eastvanparks.com.au caught 26
homoeopathsydney.com.au caught 10
antarcticaexpeditions.com.au caught 10
Totals caught $498
lost $565




They won the top 2 – and quite a few more.

What’s In Store Today?

I can’t see today being exciting. Save your money!

But if you are bidding, good luck – and as always, cover your bases.


Ned O’Meara – 15th November 2016