Expired Auctions – Saturday 8th October

Bought the Domain 2At last another 4 figure sale on the expired auctions. Leisure went for $1000 + + on Netfleet (bid on Drop was just $552). There were 18 contested domains on NF – they won all but 3, so that was a good day for them.

My words of warning about YMCA.com.au obviously fell on deaf ears – or the more probable explanation is that the registrant does not read Domainer.com.au! Interestingly, the buyer is an auDA member (not someone I know). I daresay he will not hold that domain for too long.

Netfleet Results


Drop.com.au Results



A quiet day for them. It’s unusual for them (these days) not to take out one of the top three.

Looks like today is going to be another uninspiring day on the drops. Only one visible early bid on Drop.com.au at the moment.

Whilst I generally encourage people to “don’t be afraid to pay!”, today I will impart another gem of wisdom.

“On a crap day, don’t bid just for the sake of wanting to buy something!”. 😉

Ned O’Meara – 9th October 2016