Expired Auctions – Sunday 13th November 2016

expired-auctions-13-nov-002As I forecasted, it was always going to be a cracker day! Netfleet again had a glitch in their reults – everything showed as “waiting for result”. They they did have a good payday though – the mysterious “Cobra Car Alarms” reared their head again and won No’s 1 and 2.

Bed.com.au went for $3551 ++; and chairs.com.au for $1151 ++. I find it really puzzling though that Cobra doesn’t bid on either Drop or DomainShield. They obviously don’t want to cover their bases.

Netfleet Results





Bloody shame that they didn’t catch one of the top 2 (as usual)!

What’s In Store Today?

I can’t see today being exciting. Save your money!

But if you are bidding, good luck – and as always, cover your bases.


Ned O’Meara – 14th November 2016