Expired Auctions – Sunday 6th November 2016

expired-auctions-6-nov-002Good day for 3L domains. NF picked up sns.com.au for $580++; and DomainShield were successful with fto.com.au and tlo.com.au. My educated guess is that these were $400 inclusive each.

Most people that read Domainer know that I am a huge fan of 3L domains. I’ve written about them often enough! Several other domain investors are now actively chasing these as well. I don’t have a problem with that at all, as I’m a great believer in the adage that a “rising tide lifts all boats”. And what rises is the base wholesale price – that’s a good thing to me.

So yesterday I decided to have some fun, and see if anyone was actively “chasing the dragon”! And sure enough they were. I had early bids on DS at $200, and that forced one domain investor to bid $400. Plus, they then bid $337 on the NF platform in order to cover their bases. But what proved the experiment to me was that on DS I randomly bid $400 on sns.com.au – and the bid on NF was $580! 🙂 They were determined to get their “fix”. Good on them!

Netfleet Results





Picked up some nice ones today – particularly 3L domains.


What’s In Store Today?

Only one early bid on Drop so far. But I can see some other domains that will definitely attract a bid or two.

Good hunting – and remember to cover your bases.

Ned O’Meara – 7th November 2016