Expired Auctions – Tuesday 25th October 2016

Biggish sale on the expired auctions – homeloanmarket.com.au was picked up by DomainShield. The losing bid on Netfleet was $2016 +/+ – so my assumption is that the bid on DS was either $1600 or $3200 inclusive.

23 contested domains in total on the NF platform – their success rate was just over 50%.

Netfleet Results



Excellent purchase for someone who picked up goldcoasttyres.com.au for just $1 +/+.



Another cracker day for Anthony. I imagine he is getting happier and happier with how DS is performing.

As far as today’s auctions go, I can’t see many domains that would set the world on fire. But I may be wrong!

Good hunting.

Ned O’Meara – 26th October 2016