Expired Auctions – Wednesday 19th October

expired-auctions-19-octThis week has been a bit miserable for both domain investors and drop catchers. Another classic example on Wednesday with there being only 8 contested domains on the Netfleet platform.

However, what caught my interest was No 1 on NF’s list – domainnameregistration.com.au. The bid on their platform was $1200 +/+ – however, DomainShield was the winning dropcatcher (again!). The reason I was interested was because this domain used to be mine. I purchased it on the drops just over 2 years ago for a 4 figure sum – and I was made an immediate offer for it afterwards (which I accepted). Not sure what happened here, but it looks like the domain expired, and the registrant had to do some aggressive bidding to ensure he got it back (which he did). Costly exercise – but well done to him. It’s a nice domain.

I did not bid.

Netfleet Results





They are starting to make a habit of winning No 1. Plus they also won No’s 2 and 4. Well done to them.

If you’re a serious domain investor, and haven’t got an account with DS, then you should apply for one. Simple as that.

Quiet day ahead by the looks of it.

However, all dropcatchers would welcome any contributions you care to make to their coffers. 😉

Ned O’Meara – 20th October 2016